this artist paints a private and open personas of her friends


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Kim Hyunji is a Korean-born, Australian-based artist who bares a physique and souls of her friends and acquaintances in her paintings. Typically bare and infrequently in a midst of something private, Kim’s subjects exhibit some-more of themselves in one mural than they competence in an whole Instagram feed. Larger than life and dreamily staring out from a canvas, there’s a absolute clarity of restraint to her subjects’ expressions; a arrange of pristine discernment into a hint of a era that usually a counterpart could capture.

With an muster entrance to a tighten in Melbourne, we held adult with Kim in an bid to improved know her work and where she hopes to take her singular talent.


Your work is so evocative. How did we learn to paint like that and has your concentration always been people?
I was shabby by my mom and grandmother who are also artists, so started sketch when we was unequivocally young, though finished my Bachelor of Fine Art about 4 years ago. Early on we enjoyed sketch things around me: banana peels, people walking down a travel or my classmates. Capturing a hint and a similarity of people is what unequivocally intrigues me. we also did a lot of self-portraiture as we began to use oil painting. It was around a time we altered to Australia that we started to do portraits of others. we embellished my friends as a approach to use and urge my technical skills. At a same time, we was shabby by Australia’s multiculturalism and diversity, that is a conflicting of Korea — a singular competition country. In a tellurian portrait, even a smallest, many diminutive brush outlines can change a whole feeling of facial countenance and impression. It’s severe to interpret a persona of a indication into portrayal in this medium. That’s what we adore about it.


Can we tell us about relocating to Australia from Korea and how it shabby your work?
I initial came to Australia in 2013 when my father got a pursuit in Perth. we struggled with a denunciation separator and a informative differences during first, and still do to some extent, though we am beholden that we came here and could accommodate so many pleasing and engaging people. Australia has a abounding multicultural society, that has shabby me and my work a lot.


You paint your friends in what would typically be flattering private situations: holding drugs or though clothes. Why those moments in particular?
Every work we make is flattering self-reflective. For me, in my work, we consider it’s critical to display a existence and a applicable issues a era faces. We need improved and some-more constructive communication between opposite generations, and opposite communities, and we wish that my work can minister to that. Sharing a mutual knowledge with a assembly and presumably evoking some feelings by my art is my ubiquitous goal.


Your paintings seem to riff on and simulate selfie culture. How do we consider amicable media has altered us?
Accessibility to a Internet and amicable networks has shabby a approach we understand a relations with others, a approach we observe ourselves and also shabby how we delineate a egos and entrance memories. we consider amicable media has resulted in us being some-more shoal and vulnerable. At a same time it has contributed to building a hyper-connected society. It has helped us share views on equivalence and awareness, joining groups of minorities and enabling them to conclude their village and share information and space. You can’t omit a impact of a Internet on a lives, so naturally it affects my artworks too.


Can we tell us about your stream show?
As an artist who is both a lady and a POC, a stream array was desirous by my possess use of gender taste and unprofessionalism within a Australian art scene. By depicting bare portraits of myself and other womanlike artists we respect, we wanted to indicate to gender taste and a notice of womanlike nudity, that is profoundly shabby by a masculine gaze. we also wanted to foster farrago — in ethnicity and figure — subverting ideas of a white womanlike physique that dominates illustration in a media. we asked femme-identifying artists to curate their possess pose; one that reflected their possess use navigating with a delicate coming in contemporary society. we also wanted to prominence a gender-bias in a approach we understand a nakedness so displayed my paintings of bare group alongside my new works.


What do we do when you’re not painting?
I am going to English propagandize during a impulse and relocating to Sydney in a integrate of months to investigate special effects makeup. we unequivocally wish to extend my artistic use to embody makeup. I’m perplexing to review some-more books in my gangling time though unequivocally we mostly only chill with my friends or with my laptop.


Kim’s uncover runs during Metro Gallery until Mar 9.

This essay creatively seemed on i-D AU.

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