This App May Be a Culprit Causing Your Apple Watch’s Battery to Drain


Newer Apple Watch models regulating watchOS 6 are experiencing poorer battery life than on prior versions of a software, according to a slew of user reports.

While it isn’t 100 percent transparent what is causing a battery drain, there’s a lot of justification suggesting that it could be one of a pivotal facilities of watchOS 6: the Noise app. Here’s what we should know.

watchOS 6 Battery Drain

Last week, we highlighted a handful of user reports indicating that Apple Watch battery life might have taken a strike after watchOS 6.

At a time, many of a impacted users owned Apple Watch Series 5 devices, that done it seem like a always-on arrangement (AOD) was a culprit.

Part of a reason for that was a twitter by renouned YouTuber Marques Brownlee, who blamed AOD for a battery drainage. Brownlee wasn’t a usually one theorizing that AOD might have been causing poorer battery life.

On a other hand, there were other reports that Apple Watch Series 5 device were still removal scarcely quick even with AOD incited off. At slightest one Redditor reported that their Apple Watch Series 5 had a accurate same battery life normal with AOD enabled or disabled.

Further treacherous things were reports that a Series 4 and presumably comparison inclination without AOD also saw a battery life hit.

All of this suggests that it could be a program problem, or during slightest something other than AOD. But distinct iOS 13.1.1, today’s watchOS 6.0.1 refurbish didn’t enclose any battery-related fixes (per a recover notes).

Enter a subsequent illusive means of battery drainage: a new conference health-related Noise app.

The Noise App

Some Apple Watch Series 4 users reported that their battery life softened after disabling or deletion a Noise app. Certain Series 5 owners who had AOD on though a Noise app infirm also pronounced that their battery life improved.

This doesn’t explain battery empty issues on a Series 3, that isn’t concordant with a Noise app. But it’s sincerely common for inclination to knowledge poorer battery life directly after an refurbish — and watchOS 6 is still sincerely “fresh” out in a wild.

In any case, if you’d like to invalidate a Noise app to see if it improves your battery life, it’s sincerely easy to do so. Just conduct to your Watch’s app grid, press and hold on a Noise app and name Delete.

You can also try simply disabling credentials sound monitoring in a iOS Watch app. Just conduct to (Your) Watch Noise. It’s substantially also a good thought to equivocate regulating Noise complications if you’re saying bad battery life.

Of course, a Noise app battery empty emanate is expected due to a bug or some other optimization problem. Because of that, Apple will substantially patch it in a destiny watchOS 6 update. So keep an eye out for that.

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