These Are The World’s Largest Drug And Biotech Companies


While many open companies around a universe have seen their share prices plunge due to a coronavirus pandemic, curative and consumer products hulk Johnson Johnson

—No. 1 in a drugs and biotech attention and No. 34 on a 2020 Global 2000—shattered income and distinction expectations in a initial entertain interjection to aloft demand. It pulled in $20.7 billion in sales final entertain for increase of $2.30 per share. In an gain release, a association pronounced that sales of consumer products like Tylenol and Zyrtec rose scarcely 10% as consumers stocked adult on over-the-counter drugs to revoke heat and other symptoms compared with COVID-19.

Johnson Johnson, that has a marketplace tip of $387 billion, announced in Mar that it has selected a heading vaccine claimant for a virus; it anticipates starting tellurian trials by Sep of this year. Chief systematic officer Paul Stoffels told ABC’s “The Week” that a association is aiming to broach 1 billion vaccines subsequent year. 

Next in a drugs and biotech difficulty is Pfizer

, No. 49 on a altogether list and value $207 billion. The curative association launched a tellurian trial of a coronavirus vaccine progressing this month. Pfizer pronounced that if it finds a successful vaccine candidate, it could furnish millions of doses by a finish of 2020 and hundreds of millions of doses by 2021. Though Pfizer saw a sales tumble 8% in a initial quarter, it still kick researcher expectations. 

Third in a difficulty is word association Cigna

, that ranks during No. 63 on a altogether list. Since a predicament began, Cigna has seen a bump in pharmacy customers (almost 79 million final quarter, adult from 75 million during a same time final year. The association pulled in some-more than $1.1 billion in distinction during a initial 3 months of a year. 

Swiss companies Novartis (No. 68) and Roche Holding turn out a tip 5 companies in a category. All together, a drug and biotech companies on this year’s Global 2000 list brought in $158 billion in distinction final year and are value a common $4.1 trillion. 

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