The Trend to Try When You’re Over Off-the-Shoulder

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    This summer we’ve seen plenty of shoulder, but there’s a new uncovered trend to keep in mind for the coming months: back-baring tops. Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly what Sir Mix-a-Lot meant when he wrote the song “Baby Got Back,” but we love the idea of showing a little skin in an unexpected way. There’s something special about knowing that while your look may seem standard from the front, everyone will stop and stare when you walk away. (How’s that for making a statement?) So what’s the ideal amount of back to show when you’re shopping the trend? The answer is that it’s all up to you. Some tops and dresses show off the entire spine, while others offer just a small peek. So no matter what you’re comfortable with, you can take part in this pretty trend.

    Have we convinced you yet? Read on to shop our favorite backless pieces and jump on the trend now!



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