The Saddest Story You’ll Ever Read Is a Life of Keanu Reeves


With his father, a detriment was straightforward. Reeves Sr. was arrested in 1994 for possession of heroin and heroin. The final time Reeves saw his father was during a age of 13. Reading about their final confront is adequate to inundate a rip ducts. “On a final day we sat on a veranda and stared during a dim sky,” he explained in a 2002 interview. “He frequency pronounced anything that evening. The subsequent day he brought us to a airport. Then we didn’t hear anything from him for ten years. No calls, no letters, nothing.”

River Phoenix got divided from all of us. In a tiny hours of Halloween night in 1993, Phoenix crumpled on a path outward of The Viper Room in Los Angeles, passed of an overdose. He was Reeves’ closest friend. Phoenix pronounced Reeves was “like my comparison brother. But shorter.” And Reeves echoed that, revelation him to his face, “I’ve always desired you, River. River is my best crony and we don’t have many of them.”

They were inseparable, creation a agreement to act together in Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho. “We were pushing in a automobile on Santa Monica Boulevard, substantially on a approach to a club, and were articulate unequivocally quick about a whole idea. We were excited,” he told Interview in 1991. “It could have been like a bad dream – a dream that never follows by since no one commits, yet we only forced ourselves into it. We pronounced ‘OK, I’ll do it if we do it. we won’t do it if we don’t.’ We shook hands. That was it.”

When Phoenix died, Reeves was 23, in a midst of filming a blockbuster Speed with Sandra Bullock. “I consider that he has left by a lot even yet he doesn’t let on about it,” a immature Sandra Bullock told Télé 7 Jours in 1994. “I consider he hides a good pain.”

Asked about Phoenix’s genocide for US magazine, Reeves replied, “How was we affected? How was we affected? Uh, what do we say? we was terribly, terribly, terribly sad. Incredibly sad. And, um, we skip him really much.” In that same interview, he muses about his possess destruction, expected attack his possess personal nadir, rising into what a author described as a “lengthy and somewhat bewildering digression about a form of imagining in that he imagines his possess death.”

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