The greeting to Jenna Dewan’s rendezvous is disappointingly predictable


I can’t change a approach we think. we know that already. But please, guarantee me this one thing: if we can’t contend anything nice, don’t contend anything during all. Or, if we unequivocally must say something, competence we titillate we to once again make like Amy Poehler and start cheering a phrase, “Good for you, not for me” from a rooftops.

Because, as we remarkable previously, “good for you, not for me” celebrates both disproportion and an avowal of self, creation it a ideal response to someone else’s life choices. Because, obviously, we are all opposite – and we all have unequivocally opposite ideas about what we should be doing with a lives. So what if someone you’ve never met has done a preference to have a baby, or get intent to her boyfriend, or whatever a fuck she wants? So what? How does that impact your life, really? 

It doesn’t. And, while we competence swear that you’d never ever make a same decisions as Dewan, that doesn’t make her choices any reduction valid. Good for her, not for we – right?

In only 6 tiny words, we can build one another up, rather than rip one another down. And that, in today’s age of negativity, is no tiny thing.