The Pretty Spring Dress Trends We’re Into (and 6 We’re Giving Up)


When it comes to a list of open and summer purchases, a flattering dress ranks flattering high. You know a style: one that’s stylish with an of-the-moment silhouette, though also impossibly easy to toss on with a few accessories for an A-plus outfit. While there are a few undying cuts out there (ahem, black midi dresses), there are a few uninformed spring-dress trends we’re especially into this season. Alternatively, there are also a smattering in a wardrobes that we might cruise storing divided (for now) in welfare of pronounced new styles.

To showcase further, we dull adult a tip dress styles we’re vehement about, while also highlighting a picks we’re not as into (all formed on personal preference, of course). Keep scrolling for a bit of open dress inspiration. 

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