The Pixel 4 only had a outrageous cost dump to contest with a iPhone SE


Save a grand sum of £130 on a SIM-free cost of a Pixel 4 in this vast John Lewis Partners cost drop.

While a satisfactory series of we competence have been eyeing adult a iPhone SE over a final few weeks, it competence be a good thought to reason your horses, since a Pixel 4 has only been brought down to a identical mid-range cost though with a distant some-more higher camera

Usually retailing during a towering £629, John Lewis Partners is now charity a SIM-free handset for only £499. Of course, we can also get John Lewis’ illusory extended two-year guaranty as customary for combined assent of mind.

The follow-up to a glorious Pixel 3, it goes but observant that a Pixel 4 offers some glorious features, including upgrades to a already well-developed camera Google has charity in Pixel handsets gone-by.

In terms of design, admittedly a Pixel 4 isn’t a many sparkling handset we’ve ever set a eyes upon. However, it’s purify and minimal, that is ideal for anyone who doesn’t wish a smartphone that stands out too most when you’re regulating it on a street. With slim tip and bottom bezels, a Pixel 4 decidedly doesn’t import in on a notch/pop-up/cut-out disturbance of a front confronting camera, opting for a some-more normal pattern of old.

Even with slight bezels, no one can repudiate a Pixel 4’s arrangement is beautiful and immersive, a 5.7-inch AMOLED row charity punchy, transparent colours that unequivocally cocktail opposite a black frame. Of course, a Pixel 4 also plays horde to modernise rates of adult to 120Hz, dubbing a shade a ‘Smooth Display’. This is utterly a jump from a stereotyped 60Hz, adding genuine fluidity as we corkscrew and switch between apps, giving an even some-more gratifying response to any given direct too.

How about that camera, then? With a singular sensor packaged on to a behind of a Pixel 3, Google proves a not all about numbers when it comes to capturing some of a best snaps on a smartphone. With that said, here a Pixel 4 is installed with a categorical 12MP sensor and a delegate 16MP sensor, operative with a venerable Google AI to routine even improved snaps this time around.

Admittedly, a Pixel 4 also has its  drawbacks in a form of a lifeless battery life. With so many truly reward features, it’s unequivocally transparent Google didn’t container a efficient adequate battery dungeon to unequivocally do complicated use around a day. If we don’t catch complicated amounts of use or mind carrying a horse around with we only in case, a Pixel 4 still has so many facilities that make it a estimable purchase.

With £130 shaved off a strange RRP, a Pixel 4 has all a entirely fledged facilities of a flagship, now reduced down to a mid-range cost that competence only make we second theory a iPhone SE.

Pixel 4 Deal

Google Pixel 4 Smartphone, Android, 5.7″, 4G LTE, SIM Free, 64GB, Clearly White

Boasting a beautiful 5.7-inch AMOLED arrangement with a juicy 120Hz modernise rate, a Pixel 4 also comes with a twin camera array that will boost a already well-developed Portrait Mode and Night Sight.

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Save £130

Now £499

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Now £499

Save £130

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