The Pixel 3 XL is now over £500 cheaper than when it initial came out


You can obstacle a Google Pixel 3 XL handset in ‘Not Pink’ for usually £341.99 with a bonus formula PRODUCT5, creation it extremely cheaper than a strange £869 RRP.

Listed on eBay, a Pixel 3 XL had already been reduced to usually £359.99. However, make use of a 5% off bonus formula PRODUCT5 by quoting it during a checkout, and a SIM-free Pixel 3 XL handset can be yours for usually £341.99 – an implausible bonus cost for one of a best smartphone cameras out there.

It could be argued that a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL still sojourn to be one of Google’s many renouned flagship handsets, with a successor, a Pixel 4, withdrawal something left to be preferred with a reduction than acceptable day-to-day battery life. That’s because in 2020, a Pixel 3 XL is still an glorious smartphone to have, wowing paritcularly with a considerable camera skills, all packaged into one singular sensor.

In terms of a Pixel 3 XL’s aesthetic, it does admittedly feel a hold antiquated with many smartphone manufacturers now perplexing to optimise on a shade to physique ratio and offer an immersive, full-screened experience. With a somewhat differing nick to residence a front confronting camera, alongside a Pixel 3 XL’s complicated chin, a handset does seem hold reduction sophisticated.

Cased in steel and glass, however, it does feel like a reward handset, and a tech positively backs that up, generally in regards to a Pixel 3 XL’s renouned camera. Offering a title Night Sight mode, as a singular sensor 12.2MP lens with f/1.8 aperture, a Pixel 3 XL competence not sound like much, though it’s Google’s glorious print estimate that allows a phone to grasp startling pictures, even in low light conditions.

Portrait Mode is also exceptional, providing shining abyss of field, adequate to give your Instagram diversion a critical boost. Fancy holding a good snap of yourself? The front camera package offers dual 8MP sensors with one functioning as a wide-angle camera, with a ability to also use a much-loved Portrait Mode here and safeguard a whole patrol is crisply in shot.

Of course, a Pixel 3 XL various also boasts a incomparable shade than a Pixel 3 during 6.4-inches, and a marginally bigger battery cell.

Now down to a ridiculously low cost of only £341.99, make a many of this well-developed bonus on a strange price, and make certain we use a bonus code PRODUCT5 while bonds last.

Pixel 3 XL Deal

Google Pixel 3XL 64GB Not Pink (Use Code: PRODUCT5)

Still an implausible smartphone in 2020, get a vast Pixel 3 XL with a 6.4-inch arrangement and implausible singular sensor camera, braggadocio Night Sight and Portrait Mode shooting.


Use Code: PRODUCT5

Now £341.99

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Now £341.99

Use Code: PRODUCT5


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