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The Olympic Torchbearers Should Win a Medal for a Insane Staircase They Just Climbed

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In box we missed it, a 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off currently in Pyeongchang, South Korea, with a really eventful Opening Ceremony that finished with a rite lighting of a Olympic torch. The torch-lighting is always impressive, and is poignant given it strictly outlines a commencement of a Games. But this year’s torchbearers had a small bit of additional tough work before they could flog off a Winter Olympics — given a stairs were enormous.

South Korean hockey actor Park Jong-ah and North Korean hockey actor Jong Su-hyon fundamentally finished a hardest leg day ever in front of a whole universe when they climbed a enormous set of stairs adult to a flame in ideal unison, and people were severely impressed. When they got to a top, a dual afterwards upheld a flame off to South Korean figure skating star Yuna Kim — also famous as “Queen Yuna” — who finally illuminated a Olympic cauldron.

The impulse was ancestral for some-more than one reason. Not usually was it a many heated stair-climb we’ve ever seen, though a Opening Ceremony was also a first time that North and South Korea marched together underneath a same dwindle in a Olympics given 2006. This year, a Koreas are environment aside domestic differences and competing on a same group in certain sports as a uncover of unity. Meanwhile, Jong-ah and Su-hyon are substantially also going to be one in a lot of leg pain tomorrow. Let’s wish they immediately sat down and stretched out their legs after that considerable run.

The Opening Ceremonies had a lot of other noted moments, too. Team USA walked out to Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” Pita Taufatofua done history as a usually Tongan contestant in Pyeongchang this year and a Pacific island’s second-ever aspirant during a Winter Games (and a shiniest shirtless dwindle bearer), and Team Bermuda wore shorts notwithstanding below-freezing temperatures. Honestly, they’re all winners already.

See some waggish greeting to a epic staircase, below.

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