The subsequent Motorola Razr could have a one underline no one asked for


A obvious has been leaked for a subsequent Motorola Razr – and some of these changes are looking flattering fishy.

The Motorola Razr was denounced reduction than a month ago nonetheless Lenovo has already been speckled filing patents for a successor.

The document, that was filed with a United States Patent and Trademark Office and speckled by LetsGoDigital, describes an “electronic device with joining housing pivotally joined between device housings”.

While Lenovo creatively filed for a obvious during a commencement of final year, a information was usually published on Aug 22.

Image: LetsGoDigital

Lenovo seems to be adhering with a iconic clamshell mechanism, staying divided from a less-than-compact designs due by a likes of Samsung and Huawei progressing this year.

Despite this, Lenovo has kept it deceptive when it comes to a arrangement – withdrawal a Razr open to adhering with a stretchable shade or reverting to a some-more classical (and cheaper to manufacture) apart arrangement layout. That said, if Lenovo did opt to embankment a foldable tech, a association would expected deliver dual adjacent displays and one on a front rather than throwing it behind to a strange Razr with a 3×4 numeric keyboard (though there is an choice for this in a patent, too).

The follow adult to this year’s Motorola Razr will also underline a flattering singular hinge, according to LetsGoDigital.

When we reveal a phone, a tip half of a device will stagger into a right angle, formulating a T-shape. One of a categorical reasons for this – aside from continuance – is that this will give users something to hang their fingers around, improving fortitude roughly like a built-in Pop Socket. Probably a good thing, deliberation how pricey foldables can be.

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Image: LetsGoDigital

The new hinge is all wrapped adult in maybe a many sparkling further to a revamped Razr – mods. It looks like Lenovo is deliberation introducing Moto Mods to a Razr line.

While existent mods from a Moto Z Series will not be concordant with a Razr given their earthy differences, a obvious does list several options for modules designed to clamp onto a Motorola foldable.

These embody a projector, a speaker… and a fisheye camera.

The latter will concede users to take 360 grade snaps with their smartphone, nonetheless it is not nonetheless transparent either this mod will have any unsentimental applications or if it will be some-more of a novelty.

While a obvious was published in August, company’s frequency follow by with each fact discussed in a obvious so take this information with a pellet of salt. Hopefully, we’ll find out some-more about a 2020 Razr soon.

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