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The subsequent Huawei Matebook might not see a light of day – and that’s a tragedy

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Huawei has pulled a launch of a subsequent Matebook citing a US anathema as a primary reason.

The pierce is a latest in a far-reaching set of issues afflicting Huawei given a anathema from a United States preventing American companies from doing business with a Chinese association went into place final month.

Companies like Microsoft and Google have already ceased business with Huawei – however, this is a initial time a association itself has had to cancel a product launch as a effect of a ban. Huawei’s chain on a US entity list prevents them from accessing US technology.

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Speaking to CNBC, a CEO of Huawei’s consumer multiplication Richard Yu explained a termination of a Matebook product launch was due to a company’s position on a entity list. Yu stated: “We can't supply a PC,” and referred to a Matebook issues as “unfortunate”.

The news of a cancelled Matebook launch was initial reported by The Information. The launch was due to start during a CES Asia eventuality in Shangai this week. There is now no new date scheduled for a Matebook will eventually be revealed.

The cancelled product launch might only be a tip of a iceberg for Huawei’s subsequent Matebook. It’s not only that a launch has been pushed behind though – as reported by DigiTimes – Huawei recently educated a cover suppliers to hindrance deliveries. The association has also stopped all of a new cover projects. The growth is a unhappy step for consumers as Huawei’s Matebook line has been a acquire choice to a MacBook for a final integrate of years.

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The poignant volume of doubt surrounding a destiny of a Matebook line will expected come as a beating for fans of a laptops.

In a hands-on examination of Huawei’s many new Matebook X Pro, Computer Editor Thomas Newton said: “The Huawei MateBook X Pro 2019 is roughly a finish package, charity plain performance, lightweight design, an easy to use keyboard and trackpad, a shining arrangement – all of which, sadly, is undermined by a diseased battery”.

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