The Last Of Us 2 Leak: Sony knows whodunnit, though it wasn’t an inside job


Sony says it knows who’s obliged for leaking endless footage of The Last of US 2, though isn’t spilling a beans.

Earlier this week, leaks containing an almighty annuity of gameplay footage and cut scenes were posted online containing a annuity of spoilers for a closely-guarded tract of a hotly-anticipated PS4 exclusive.

The hapless (and illegal) information dump left a game’s director, Naughty Dogs’s Neil Druckmann, ‘heartbroken‘, while fans of a array are still desperately attempting to equivocate a leaks forward of a game’s recover on Jun 19.

Now Sony says it knows whodunnit, and it isn’t someone dependent with a association or a developer. So, rumours of a discontented Naughty Dog worker posting a leaks are substantially far-reaching of a mark.

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Sony told that it has “identified a supremacy people obliged for a leaks” (the site’s words), and is confirming this wasn’t an inside job.

The PlayStation-maker pronounced it will not be commenting serve due to a ongoing inlet of a investigation. So whodunnit? Is it a hack? Is it a third-party with entrance to a game? We might never find out unless Sony decides to press charges opposite a people in question.

Earlier in a week Naughty Dog told fans: “We know a final few days have been impossibly formidable for you. We feel a same. It’s unsatisfactory to see a recover and pity of pre-release footage from development. Do your best to equivocate spoilers and we ask that we don’t spoil it for others.”

Sony itself added: “We’re unhappy that anyone would recover unapproved pre-launch footage of The Last of Us Part II, interrupt years of Naughty Dog’s tough work and hurt a knowledge for fans worldwide. “We wish everybody to have a event to play The Last of Us Part II during a same time, and ask that observation or pity of a unapproved footage be avoided.”

The Last Of Us 2 will eventually launch on Jun 19.

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