The Last of Us 2 has surpassed Spider-Man pre-orders, Sony confirms


The Last of Us 2 is moulding adult to be one of a best-selling games of a whole generation, judging by discernment into pre-order total from a PlayStation executive.

The long-awaited shooter from Naughty Dog, that finally goes on sale on Jun 19, is behaving improved than another PS4-exclusive mega-hit, Marvel’s Spider-Man, during a same indicate in a pre-order process.

That’s according to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan who, in vocalization to CNET, pronounced he hopes “this’ll be a defining diversion for this generation.”

He wouldn’t go as distant as to contend there’ll be an extended PS5 chronicle of a game, though did endorse a PS4 pretension will run only excellent on a next-gen hardware approaching this year.

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The Last Of Us was remastered for PS4 in a early partial of that generation, carrying launched nearby a finish of a PS3’s epic run. It is regarded as classical for both consoles, so there’s a good eventuality for Naughty Dog to hover a generations once again.

The comparisons with Spider-Man are engaging since it incited out to be one of a best offered PS4 games of all, while being highly-regarded as one of a best. If TLOU2 is forward of a diversion during this stage, it’s a good pointer Naughty Dog has a enormous strike on a hands. Some would ask either that was ever in doubt.

Ryan was articulate forward of a hugely-anticipated PS5 exhibit event, that has only been reliable for Jun 4. Sony’s Future of Gaming live tide will showcase a series of a initial games entrance to a new console.

Sony will broach an hour of footage from arriving games and we’re awaiting a good reduction of first- and third-party titles to be on show, including some that have never been seen before.

Despite several holdups caused by a coronavirus pandemic, including to The Last of Us 2 itself, Ryan positive gamers: “Right now, we’re not observant anything observant to us there’s going to be problems with quantities or we won’t be means to launch a approach we want.”

Not prolonged now, folks.

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