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The L.A. Chargers’ Austin Ekeler on Streaming His Workouts Like a Gamer

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What’s your favorite exercise?

I adore squats. I’ll hunker each week. Most of my weight is in my legs. People will demeanour during me and ask, “You import 198 pounds?” we have a squatty body. It’s also a pierce where we can lift a many weight. People are like, Damn! Look during this kid! we get some fad out of that.

Take me by one of your leg routines.

I’ll strike squats for volume, doing 4 sets of eight, and build adult to 405 pounds. Then I’ll go to a trap bar, strike some bomb pulls regulating middle weight, afterwards mix that with some form of jump. I’m perplexing to get my hips going and perplexing to get my off-the-line speed going. From there we transition to some form of core explosion, like a multiple forward-lunge medicine round chuck opposite a wall. So, complicated volume on a legs, and a discerning tingle muscles during a same time. we customarily finish all my workouts with some arrange of arm practice and core work.

Do we have any gym fails?

Sometimes I’ll try and get too creative. Recently we had an thought to try an bomb beyond medicine round impact opposite a petrify wall during my gym. But a round was a small too buoyant and it only started to bounce all over a swarming gym. There are really limitations.

Your amicable media is full of crazy strength moves, like those one-arm pull-ups. Where did we get a thought for that?

At this indicate my physique is flattering compact, so infrequently I’m like, hmm, we consternation what my physique can do. With a one-arm pulls, we wanted to exam myself. I’ve never finished any strength tests like that. we was means to do lift ups holding a 100-pound dumbbell with my feet for 5 to 7 reps. So we started doing one-arm pullups, pushups with Taylor on my back, and lay ups while lifting her in a air. we was also perplexing to emanate some content.

What was a book we were reading while doing a lift up? And did we ever finish reading it?

The book was only a prop. Everyone who asks seems to be unhappy by that [laughs].

What is your diet like right now?

Taylor is 100 percent vegan, and I’ve recently turn some-more plant-based in my diet. To me, if we eat things in moderation, your diet should be fine. I’ve cut out as many greasy and sweetened things, processed foods, as possible. But each now and afterwards I’ll have a pizza or some ice cream.

What is your main, go-to dish?

I’ll routinely prepare some arrange of bowl. It’s customarily rice, belligerent turkey, black beans, avocado, and possibly onions or bell peppers.

Lastly, you’ve turn obvious for your finish section atmosphere guitar celebration. What strain are we playing?

“Ten Thousand Fists” by Disturbed. I’ve always listened to stone and metal. Now it’s like a small fantasy—I wish a whole assembly putting their fists adult as I’m personification my guitar solo. I’m rockin’ a finish section like a concert.

This talk has been edited and precipitated for clarity.

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