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The Honor 20 Pro Super Night Mode camera could opposition Google Pixel 3a

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Official new representation photos from a Honor 20 Pro have been released, and they could put mid-range rivals like a Google Pixel 3a in a shade.

The cinema denote a border of Honor’s new Super Night Mode, an AI-enhanced photography mode that is pronounced to urge a peculiarity of cinema taken in low lighting.

Credit: Honor

Along with a representation photos, Honor has reliable sparkling new tech specs about a camera. Firstly, as we can tell from a watermark in a bottom-left corner, a Honor 20 Pro will have a quad back camera. While triple cameras are apropos ubiquitous, it’s still comparatively surprising to find a four-lens set-up (like a Samsung Galaxy A9 for instance).

Secondly, a picture fortitude has been reliable as 48-megapixels — an considerable spec matched by a OnePlus 7 Pro’s categorical lens. But while that flagship costs £649, we design a Honor 20 Pro to be extremely cheaper.

Finally, a camera orifice will be f/1.4. This looks to be a initial with a mainstream device and should lead to really splendid pictures.

Credit: Honor

The Honor 20 Pro launches in London on May 21. We’ll be live during a event, bringing we all a greeting so stay tuned for lots more.

Honor has announced a Super Night mode only days after a Google Pixel 3a launched, also braggadocio of a gloom-busting Night Sight during a tantalizing mid-range cost of £399 ($399). The recently expelled OnePlus 7 Pro also has a dedicated low-light mode called Night Scape 2.0.

Google took a none-too-subtle puncture during Apple in graduation material. The disco-themed graduation video contrasts a Pixel 3a’s images with that of a ‘Phone X’. And if that anxiety flew over your head, in a tiny imitation they credit a dingy, unimpressive print to a iPhone XS, a flagship device retailing during £999 ($999).

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