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The Galaxy S20 is only a good Pixel 4, and that’s good news

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The Galaxy S20 represents a bigger change for Samsung’s phone lineup than we’ve seen in some time, though it still isn’t indispensably a insubordinate jump forward. However, if we felt let down by a Google Pixel 4, it’s value holding a closer demeanour at.

The S20’s biggest delight might be to scold Google’s shortcomings rather than Samsung’s.

Ever given a inception, there have been high expectations for a Google Pixel line. The precursors to a Pixel – a LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P – already set a bar high and many saw Google bringing a phones even some-more in residence as an sparkling proposition.

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The Pixel has seen Google mix a ability to emanate a purest Android knowledge on a phone with a conspicuous camera. While any Google Pixel has had a shortcomings, those dual facilities have remained constant, and have been accompanied by other plain facilities all around. 

As with each Pixel launch, we hoped a shortcomings would be eradicated one-by-one, and that we’d eventually get a nigh-on ideal phone. From softened battery life to a some-more complicated design, did we ask for all that many really? With a Pixel 4, Google answered with a resounding “yes”.

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The Pixel 4 massively unhappy on battery life – with a review observant a 2800mAh battery life was “life is shorter than many competing flagships”.

For some, this creates it a no-go in an age in that even Apple has recognized that phones are value creation that small bit thicker, in sequence to urge a user knowledge with softened battery life.

Thankfully, a new Samsung Galaxy S20 is here to answer a prayers of Pixel fans. If we flicker tough enough, a new behind pattern of a Galaxy S20 could even be mistaken for a much-maligned Pixel 4.

If you’d been anticipating for good battery life, an considerable design, a blisteringly quick delivery of Android and a high-performing camera from a Pixel 4, afterwards we might wish to cruise a new Galaxy S20.

The Galaxy operation has long-offered tip dog Android opening and with a new Exynos 990 (Snapdragon 865 in a US) it seems like it’ll be buttery well-spoken nonetheless again. Galaxy’s One UI has softened as of late to give many cleaner Android knowledge – behind in a days of TouchWiz it was not looked on favourably.

The new Galaxy S20 offers an considerable 4000mAh battery – in comparison to a handicapped 2800mAh battery in a Pixel 4. If, like many, a sad battery life was your biggest annoyance, afterwards Samsung has we covered.

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The biggest adhering indicate here could be a camera. Google and Apple have been opposed for a best camera on a smartphone for a few years now though Samsung has always been prohibited a heels. We’ll have to wait for a full examination to see for certain though Samsung has put a outrageous concentration on a camera for this generation.

With Huawei taken out of a diversion and a Pixel 4 holding itself out of a game, a Galaxy S20 has all a makings of being a Android aristocrat in 2020.

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