The French Navy’s New Suffren Class Attack Submarine


The initial Suffren Class conflict submarine has begun sea trials. It represents a step-change for a French Navy, strictly famous as a Marine Nationale. France already operates a nuclear-only submarine force, that places it on a tip tier of universe navies. But a stream Rubis Class boats are significantly smaller than their U.S. and British counterparts. And they are a era older. The Suffren should mostly tighten a opening on France’s heading NATO allies.

Suffren is a initial of 6 Barracuda form boats for a French Navy. She was laid down in Dec 2007 and launched in Jul final year. She successfully finished a immobile dive test, partial of a builder’s trials, on Apr 28.

At around 5,000 tons flush she is about twice a distance of a petite Rubis class. And incomparable than any non-nuclear forms in use around a world. Yet she is still smaller than possibly a Royal Navy’s Astute Class (~7,000 tons) and a U.S. Navy’s Virginia Class (~8,000 tons).

One waste of this smaller distance is that Suffren can lift fewer weapons. With nuclear-powered conflict submarines being an peak predator there is a care that they competence penetrate so many rivalry warships that they run out of torpedoes. This will be quite loyal of a Suffren that carries about a same series of weapons as a non-nuclear submarine. Her limit bucket of around 24 weapons is about 60% that of a stream Virginia and Astute classes.

The shoot armament will be really complicated however. The code new F-21 Artemis heavyweight shoot is subsequent from a Italian Black Shark type. This has an all-electric thrust regulating a latest battery technologies. The vessel will also be means to lift a SM-39 Exocet anti-ship barb and a new MdCN (Missile De Croisière Naval) journey missile. This latter arms provides a submarine with a vital ‘first night’ strike capability, conflict land targets hundreds of miles away. It will be a initial time that a French Navy submarine is versed with land conflict journey missiles.

One engaging underline is that a organisation will be most smaller than U.S. and British types. Thanks to increasing automation a organisation has been reduced from 70 aboard a preceding Rubis category to only 65. This compares to 98 for a Astute Class and 135 aboard a Virginia Class boat. In an age when western submarine army are struggling to attract and keep submariners a smaller organisation competence be a blessing. The plea is either it is adequate people for really prolonged patrols that are normal for incomparable NATO nuclear-powered conflict submarines. More hands reduces organisation tired and creates it easier to control underway repairs.

It’s an engaging examination and too shortly to call. Suffren has room for 15 special army operatives so their bunks competence be sacrificed for additional organisation if it doesn’t go to plan.

There is no doubt that a Suffren Class is a entirely means pattern that brings a French Navy closer to a U.S. and British capabilities. It will supplement new measure to a French Navy and strengthen it place in a tip tier of universe navies.

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