The Fairphone 3 now comes with an even fairer handling system


Fairphone has prolonged been a go-to code for anyone looking to buy an ethics-focused mobile, though as a handset relied on bog-standard Android 9, it was still pumping out your personal information to Google servers. Now a Fairphone 3 has switched to a e/OS/ system, so your personal information on a phone should (in theory) be ‘unGoogled.’

The new handling complement on a phones is built on an open-source, privacy-first design, and will be accessible on a Fairphone 3 from May 6. As it uses Android OS during a core, a lot of general-use apps should be straightforwardly accessible on a phone.

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But since e/OS/ is founded on a super-private, anti-Google stance, a lot of other apps like Gmail and Maps will be absent on a phone.

Instead, you’ll have to rest on pre-installed, home-built alternatives for mail, maps and messaging services. Even a default hunt choice will be formed on a ‘e’ platform, rather than a Google engine.

One accessible underline of a e/OS/ complement is an additional remoteness tool, that lets we see if there are dark data-trackers in your apps. This should give we improved control over who’s snooping on your smartphone activity, and restraint this kind of neglected information upsurge should urge your battery opening and bandwidth too.

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So while this phone competence not be befitting to Google devotees, it’s a good fit for anyone looking to ramp adult their privacy.

Fairphone products don’t container any ground-breaking specs, though as a company’s phones can simply be upgraded or recycled – and tend to use components from Fairtrade supply bondage – buyers can rest easy meaningful that they’re not funnelling income into controversial corporations.

If you’ve already bought a latest chronicle of a Fairphone and wish to switch to a e/OS/ system, we can download it from May 6 around a company’s website.


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