The Epic Games Mega Sale is here – save 50% on Borderlands 3, Control and more


The Epic Games StoreEpic Games Store Mega Sale is here and it’s only as epic and mega as a branding would suggest. You can already squeeze one or dual titles for free and there are loads some-more deals, discounts and bargains to be had. Here’s a full lowdown. 

The sale will run from today, May 14, until Jun 11. There are large assets to be had opposite a operation of gaming genres, including 50% off Borderlands 3. With millions of people still underneath Covid-19 lockdown, we’re certain this sale is going to be a renouned one.

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As if giveaway games and outrageous discounts weren’t enough, you’ll also get a £10 banking for any squeeze of £13.99 or more. A press recover from Epic Games explains:

“Today, Epic Games is vehement to announce a lapse of a Epic Games Mega Sale on a Epic Games Store, rising currently with 4 weeks of giveaway diversion offers on some of a biggest titles in video games, a £10 banking released for any squeeze (£13.99 and above), and implausible discounts on vital titles”

Other offers embody Borderlands 3, or Control, half price! Or 35% off Obsidian’s stand-out RPG title, The Outer Worlds.

We were hugely tender by The Outer Worlds when we reviewed it final year. We gave it 4 stars, desired a dignified dilemmas and a clarity of humour, and can’t suggest it rarely adequate now it’s going inexpensive on a Epic Games Store.

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Our reviewer said: “The Outer Worlds is a Bethesda RPG we always wanted – it only so happens to be done by an wholly opposite developer. This sci-fi journey is one of a best RPG examples of a choose-your-own adventure, permitting we to take a steering circle for both a storyline and how we tackle any objective.”

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