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The DJI Osmo Action is a dual-screen GoPro killer

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GoPro has had a flattering gentle life on a handlebars of downhill towering bikers and a helmets of paragliders, nonetheless now it has a critical new opposition for a pretension of movement camera aristocrat – a DJI Osmo Action.

That’s right, a Chinese association best famous for creation glorious drones like a DJI Mavic Pro 2 fancies a bit of GoPro’s outdoorsy lifestyle, and has done a approach opposition to a glorious GoPro Hero 7 Black.

Unlike a DJI Osmo Pocket, a Osmo Action doesn’t use involuntary stabilisation to iron out a vibrations and jitter from your impassioned antics. Instead, like GoPro’s considerable ‘HyperSmooth’, it uses electronic stabilisation called ‘RockSteady’, that it claims is a best in a market.

So what other facilities and specs has a Osmo Action got adult a wingsuit sleeves? Here’s all we need to know about a intensity GoPro killer.

DJI Osmo Action cost and recover date  When can we buy a DJI Osmo Action?

You can buy a DJI Osmo Action right now from a DJI Store for £329. You’ll also be means to buy it from third celebration stores from May 22 2019.

This means it’s now £50 cheaper than a central cost for a GoPro Hero 7 Black, nonetheless that’s been accessible on Amazon for £342 for most of 2019.

DJI Osmo Action



















If you’re formulation to exam a Osmo Action to drop and are disturbed about a wellbeing, we can pointer adult to DJI Care Refresh for an additional £39. Similar to GoPro’s Plus service, it promises to give we adult to dual deputy units within a year.

Less transparent right now are a pricing and recover dates for a Osmo Action’s central accessories, including a 3.5mm adaptor for attaching an outmost microphone and a preference of Neutral Density (ND) filters. We’ll refurbish this page when we find out, nonetheless until afterwards we can find a full list of a incoming accessories next in a ‘accessories’ section.

DJI Osmo Action pattern  What does a Osmo Action demeanour like?

Like a GoPro Hero 7 Black, a Osmo Action is waterproof down to around 11 metres but a need for case.

It’s also unequivocally matching in distance and status to a Hero 7 Black. It weighs 124g (8g some-more than a rival) and is somewhat thicker due to a screw-on lens cap, that handily lets we reinstate shop-worn ones or supplement ND filters.

There is one large earthy disproportion between a dual movement cams nonetheless – a Osmo Action has a 1.4-inch colour LCD on a front. This differs from a Hero 7 Black’s front-facing monochrome shade because, rather than simply display we recording settings, it displays a a camera’s view, creation it unequivocally accessible for vlogging.

DJI Osmo Action






















The dual movement cameras differently share unequivocally matching designs. The DJI Osmo Action has dual microphones (one on top, a other on a side) and a back colour touchscreen, that is somewhat bigger than a GoPro’s.

If we wish to block in an outmost microphone, afterwards DJI will be charity a USB-C adaptor, nonetheless there’s no word nonetheless on recover date or pricing.

The Osmo Action does also have one additional symbol on a side called QuickSet – as a name suggests, this lets we fast corkscrew by a categorical sharpened settings but wanting to faff around with a touchscreen. Talking of which…

DJI Osmo Action specs and features – What are a Osmo Action’s sharpened modes?

In terms of video sharpened power, a Osmo Action is unequivocally most a opposition of a Hero 7 Black and other reward movement cameras like a Yi 4K Plus.

It has a same distance sensor, with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS chip that’s utterly presumably a same one DJI has used in drones like a DJI Mavic Air. While it’s a slight contrition it doesn’t adult a ante with a one-inch sensor, those incomparable sensors can humour from rolling shiver when sharpened fast-moving action.

DJI Osmo Action

As we can see in a list below, video sharpened options are unequivocally most on a customary with a Osmo Action’s categorical rival, with a max sharpened mode of 4K during 60fps (albeit during a somewhat aloft bitrate).

One reward a Osmo Action does have is a ability to fire HDR video, that promises to assistance with severe scenes containing extremes of light and dark, nonetheless a electronic RockSteady stabilisation isn’t accessible in this mode.

When used in other sharpened modes though, we’ve founded that a stabilising outcome of a Osmo Action’s RockSteady mode is equal to that of a Hero 7 Black’s HyperSmooth – an considerable attainment deliberation a latter set a high bar for smoothing out camera judder when it came out in Sep 2018. You can examination some-more about that in a DJI Osmo Action review.

Elsewhere, we get many of a same sharpened modes as a Hero 7 Black, including voice control, slo-mo capture, and a choice of sharpened timelapses and hyperlapses (which are effectively relocating timelapses).

Is it blank any facilities that we can find on GoPro’s flagship? There’s no livestreaming underline (yet) and a Mimo app isn’t utterly as entirely featured as GoPro’s.

While a Osmo Action does have a detonate print mode, it lacks an homogeneous of a Hero 7 Black’s ‘SuperPhoto’ mode, that creates involuntary edits formed on a scene.

DJI Osmo Action battery life How most impassioned movement can it handle?

The Osmo Action’s battery life is roughly matching to a GoPro Hero 7 Black, that isn’t startling deliberation it has a 1300mAh battery (compared to a latter’s 1220mAh one).

The claimed battery life is 91 mins when sharpened 4K/30fps video, compared to 85-90 mins for a Hero 7 Black.

DJI Osmo Action






















And in a 1080p/30fps continual recording exam (which we can examination about in a DJI Osmo Action review), it managed 95 minutes, marginally reduction than a 105 mins that GoPro’s flagship accessible for.

In reality, when fiddling about with shade settings and branch a camera on and off, we can design to it to final a good half day of heated use.

If you’re formulation to fire for longer, we have a integrate of options. Like a Hero 7 Black, we can tip adult a battery while out and about by plugging an outmost battery container into a USB-C port. The battery will entirely recharge in about an hour and a half (the ideal time for a inexhaustible lunch break).

The Osmo Action’s battery is also removable – a underline not accessible on cheaper GoPros like a Hero 7 White – so we could also batch adult on one or dual extras to take with we on adventures.

DJI Osmo Action accessories What mounts and accessories does a Osmo Action work with?

One of GoPro’s large appeals is a series of third celebration accessories it cameras work with, vouchsafing we mountain them probably anywhere (including your mouth, interjection to a Bite Mount).

Many of these will also work with a Osmo Action, since a box (which is somewhat wider than a GoPro’s) has a concept two-prong mount.

DJI Osmo Action






















DJI has also announced a operation of central accessories for a Osmo Action, including a ones above, nonetheless now there’s no prices or recover dates for these.

These embody a 3.5mm adaptor (for attaching an outmost microphone), an prolongation rod with a rotatable phone hilt and a floating hoop for sharpened in H2O but a fear of it falling to a sea floor.

Although a Osmo Action is waterproof down to 11 metres but a case, there’ll also be a waterproof box that’ll strengthen it down to 60 metres if you’re formulation to go scuba diving. If we unequivocally wish to labour a Osmo Action’s picture quality, you’ll have a choice of shopping a container of screw-on filters for it too.

Want to see what a picture peculiarity is like but those? Head to a DJI Osmo Action examination to find out.

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