The Division 2 earnings to New York with the latest expansion


Ubisoft has announced Warlords of New York, a vital enlargement entrance to The Division 2 opposite PS4, Xbox One and PC this March. 

Arriving opposite all platforms on Mar 3rd, Warlords of New York will see players lapse to The Big Apple for a initial time given a strange game, withdrawal a nationalistic streets of Washington D.C. behind for something even some-more ambitious. 

Returning to your aged stomping belligerent will offer as an event to interpretation account lax ends from a initial entrance as we and a organisation of friends find to take down Division Agent Aaron Keener and his 4 lieutenants. 

Taking place opposite a hurricane-ravaged streets of Lower Manhattan, players will try 1:1 recreations of places including Battery Park, Chinatown and Wall Street. If you’re informed with a city, this should be a fun small sign of reality, solely with distant some-more guns and explosions than usual. 

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Aside from a garland of new story missions and account additions, Warlords of New York will deliver an increasing turn top of 40 alongside a garland of new gear, weapons and skills to clear for your Division Agent. 

An gigantic course complement will also be introduced in a form of an ‘SHD Level’ that will be accompanied by an stretched endgame prophesy that will incorporate 3 month seasons with a accumulation of new things for we to pursue and unlock. 

The altogether RPG complement will also be overhauled, permitting players to some-more simply examination and analyse gear. Dark Zones have also been reworked in a approach that is hopefully some-more rewarding for players adhering with The Division 2. 

Warlord of New York will be labelled during £25.99, definition it’s set to be a large enlargement compared to all of a updates we’ve seen so far. It can also be purchased as partial of a newly introduced Standard or Ultimate Editions of a game. 


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