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The Division 2 open beta is coming, and here’s when we can play it

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Ubisoft has announced that The Division 2 is set to accept an open beta hearing forward of a recover for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

With a private beta carrying resolved this past weekend, Ubisoft is now rolling out a runner for everybody else to try a arriving multiplayer shooter.

Launching on Mar 15, The Division 2’s playable hearing will be accessible a week or so before from March 1 until Mar 4, giving players a few days to try things out.

Ubisoft is nonetheless to betray specific sum per a open beta’s content, nonetheless we suppose it’ll be identical to prior contrast periods.

Here’s what we suspicion of The Division 2 when we managed to get a hands on it recently:

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‘Tight gunplay, glorious customisation and tantalising end-game possibilities paint a flattering design for The Division 2, nonetheless it will have copiousness of competitors to deflect off in a entrance months. From what I’ve played, it really stands a possibility of being something great.’

We’ll be certain to refurbish we once we know about The Division 2 beta including specific start times, calm and more.

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