The Character of Gossip Girl Was Supposed to Be Totally Different Character


Warning: Major Gossip Girl spoilers ahead. Like, I’m articulate about a biggest spoiler of them all.

The many intolerable partial of Gossip Girl happened during a unequivocally finish of a series, when Dan Humphrey (a.k.a. Lonely Boy, a.k.a. Scowling Penn Badgley) was suggested as a suggested blogger obliged for wreaking massacre on a Upper East Side. Did this make sense? Hell no—that’s since it was so deranged. There were dozens of moments on a uncover when Dan review Gossip Girl alone in his room and seemed honestly repelled by a posts. Was he just…faking that emotion? It’s one thing to adopt warn in front of people; it’s something altogether different—and insane—to do it alone. Fans still speak about a stupidity of this exhibit 5 years later.

And now we know since a show’s creators done this confusing call: They had to focus after a publication suggested Gossip Girl’s strange identity. In a new talk with Vulture, GG executive author Joshua Safran reveals that it was creatively ostensible to be Eric outpost der Woodsen, Serena’s small brother, behind a laptop.

“I always suspicion it was Eric until a finish of deteriorate two, and we even guided it that way, though when a New York Post suggested it was Eric—and we still don’t know how that happened, we consider they were only guessing—and we satisfied we couldn’t go down that highway anymore, so we deserted him,” Safraid said.

Eric as Gossip Girl creates approach some-more clarity than Dan. He had a adore and trust of a city’s dual black bees, Blair and Serena, and his outpost der Woodsen standing cemented his place on a inside. Eric was concerned adequate in a play to get a contribution though isolated adequate to write about it. He was a ideal candidate, really, though of march tabloids had to go and screw it up.

After showrunners ruled out Eric, they deliberate Nate since “we never saw him send anything in to Gossip Girl.” However, they eventually landed on Dan since he’s “a writer, observer, and could write in opposite styles.” But here’s a problem with that logic: We’re articulate about a high propagandize blog. Any of these elite, private school-educated kids had a skills to run it. Yes, even Chuck.

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