The best tequilas that will ambience only as good neat as they do in Margaritas


Are we unequivocally carrying a good night if a initial thing we did when we walked into a bar wasn’t sequence a spin of tequila shots? Not by my standards. But while tequila might have warranted itself a somewhat disorderly repute and there are those who plaint with hungover bewail during a small discuss of it, there is a approach to scrupulously suffer a spirit, only as we would with whisky, rum or gin. You simply need to know what to splash and how to splash it. First tip? Ditch a salt and lime.

There are 3 categorical forms of tequila that we ought to familiarize yourself with before we excavate into a universe of blue agave-based spirits: plata, reposado and añejo, that radically translates as unaged, complacent and aged. The form we select depends on your personal ambience and, sometimes, what kind of splash you’re perplexing to whip up, though any tequila value a salt (or miss of) should ambience only as good with tonic as it does in a Margarita. Yes, we review that right. Tequila and tonic: it’s tasty and we should try it.

Not certain that tequila to select when we subsequent imagination a ambience of Mexico? Fear not, since we’ve dull adult some of a best on a marketplace right now that will spin we into a tequila modify after a unequivocally initial sip. Salud!


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Named in honour of La Catrina, one of a many recognizable black of Día De Muertos (AKA The Day Of The Dead), Satryna is a tequila code steeped in history, helmed by an all-female partnership between Nitzan Marrun and Elizabet Tovar. Made regulating 100 per cent blue weber agave from a fields of Jalisco and benefiting from a rich, volcanic dirt nearby Guadalajara, this is a noticeably well-spoken suggestion with formidable floral notes, offset by a honeyed and pointed sugar flavour. £62.45. At

El Rayo

A new code that is set on relocating tequila divided from a sombreros and salsa picture it’s had in a past, El Rayo is a kind of tequila that is best enjoyed with tonic in a still bar. Distilled regulating a singular mix of highland and lowland agave, both their blanco and reposado tequilas are light and refreshing, ideal for anyone who has bad memories of a suggestion and is looking to rediscover a spirit. From £39.95.

Clase Azul Añejo

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The pièce de résistance of top-quality tequila, Clase Azul’s super-luxe añejo is a silky suggestion that you’ll wish to savour. Drink it neat, ice cold, and you’ll be treated to a well-spoken caramel essence that is as easy to sip as your favourite tequila cocktail. The bottle is also only as considerable as a flavour, crafted regulating normal Mexican unfired clay methods for a overwhelming outcome that is substantially some-more matched to your mantlepiece than your drinks cabinet. Sip this slowly, since you’ll wish to make it last, trust us. £605.78. At

Código 1530 Rosa

A rosa tequila? Yep, we improved trust it. This small series from Código 1530 gets a pinkish paint after spending a month in barrels that once hold Napa Cabernet booze and is done all a some-more tasty for it. Adding a fruity turn to a already floral notes, this tequila’s singular resting routine truly creates it mount out among other tequilas on a market. Add a lurch of tonic and you’ll forget that GTs ever existed. £49.95. At

Patrón Silver

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The ideal bottom for a Margarita, Patrón’s Silver tequila is crisp, citrusy and eminent as one of a best tequilas on a marketplace for a reason. If you’re looking for a intelligible suggestion that retains a authentic flavours of agave, you’d be tough pulpy to find one most improved than this. Sometimes a classics truly are a best. £44.95. At

Don Julio 1942

Another añejo tequila that proves good things do unequivocally come to those who wait, Don Julio 1942 has a tawny ambience that also creates it ideal for sipping possibly on a possess or with tonic. Each bottle is aged for during slightest dual years in American white-oak barrels, infusing it with honeyed records of vanilla, caramel and pleasant fruits for a truly well-developed tequila. £125. At

Cazcabel Tequila Blanco

Cazcabel’s blanco tequila is a shining and affordable choice if you’re looking for a classical tequila, though it’s a brand’s some-more singular blends that interpose sugar and coffee that we should unequivocally demeanour out for. Its coffee tequila in sold is distinct anything you’ll have ever attempted before and is most vagrant to be experimented with by a mixologist. Rich and chocolatey, we can’t wait to give an Espresso Margarita a try with this blend. £25. At

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