The Best Drone Photography on Instagram


Drone Hikes

If Instagram has taught us anything, it’s that a stage is always prettier a integrate hundred feet (or thousands) in a air. Some new movement on a #FromWhereIDrone hashtag on a app has been reminding us only how flattering a vicinity can be. The hashtag initial strike Instagram feeds in 2014, given gaining some-more than 10,000 followers.

Looking to get in on a worker photography game? Photographer Dirk Dallas—the grammer behind a initial #FromWhereIDrone photos—recently common some recommendation with DailyMail: “First get an inexpensive worker so that we can get a hang of drifting something in a atmosphere remotely and get some of a crashes out of a approach before carrying an collision with something unequivocally expensive. For those who wish to only burst right in with a illusory worker that facilities a good camera afterwards we would suggest a DJI Phantom 3.”

Until then, spend some time checking out what other people have done, from Texas to South Africa:

[View a story “#FromWhereIDrone Photo Round-Up” on Storify]

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