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The best dating apps on the market to help you find love in the peak Valentine’s period

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Let’s face it, navigating online dating is a whole ‘nother ballgame these days, and there are a bunch of different options and boastings on offer from the best dating apps. Swiping on Tinder? Pinging a message on Bumble? Formulating a crackin’ profile on Hinge? It’s an absolute minefield out there, and it’s all too easy to hop from one to the other.

With Friday fast approaching, Valentine’s Day looms ever-closer, and while it’s tempting to bury your head in the sand, celebrate with your single friends or treat yourself to a nice romantic meal, you might just be missing out – Valentine’s Day boasts a real dating app traffic spike, meaning this could be the weekend you find the beau you’ve been dreaming of.

According to dating app The Inner Circle, last year they saw a 13% increase in members joining the app on Valentine’s Day and an 8% increase in the number of messages being sent, compared to the week before. Welcome or not, Valentine’s Day serves as a healthy reminder of how wonderful finding love can be, and you may just find the partner of your dreams as activity peaks.

The latest survey on UK online dating from Comscore revealed that over 7.6 million of us visited a dating app or site in June 2019… that’s a whole 1 in 6 of internet users over the age of 18. And we’re not in it for a few swipes then tapping out, either, with the average dating app user spending 191 minutes of their precious time searching.

An endless roster of actively seeking singles (even ones with really niche preferences) are accessible on your commute, and profiles are swamped with Uber ratings, food preferences and requests that we follow these complete strangers on Instagram (like we weren’t going to stalk you anyway). Not only this, but apps themselves are now flooded with options – fancy filtering for height, asking for recommendations on your next holiday or networking at a group cocktail making class? These are all options that apps can offer.

With all this to consider, how are you expected to find time to pick the best dating apps to bless with your presence? How do you know what apps have the ‘best’ single people lurking on them, whether you define that by most intelligent, tallest, or your perfect astrological match?

You’re in luck, we’ve tried and tested the best dating app options on the market and we’re here to help you find your perfect match (the app, that is. No guarantees on the new bae, sorry).

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These are the top ten dating app opening lines to guarantee yourself a date

From detailed profiles you can devour like a book to linking you with someone new for a quick meet-up, whether you’re looking for a slow-burning, blossoming romance with your future life partner or just dipping your toe back in the dating water after a broken relationship – we applaud you, it’s tough out there – these are the best options on the market to explore new dating opportunities.

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