The Best Android Phones You Can Buy Right Now


Samsung’s Galaxy S phones haven’t surfaced a list I’ve done in years, though a Galaxy S10 array unequivocally nailed it (9/10, WIRED Recommends). For a improved partial of 2019, it surfaced this list of Android phones, though it’s given been trounced by a OnePlus 7T and Pixel 3A, that both offer identical value for reduction money.

I unequivocally like roughly each aspect of a phones (except Bixby), including a hole-punch in-display selfie camera and in-display “ultrasonic” fingerprint sensor on a S10 and S10 Plus. Samsung’s flagships have all a speed and camera capabilities you’d wish in a 2019 phone, and Samsung’s tradition One UI program is pleasing to use and gets confidence updates monthly. Other bonuses like a MicroSD slot, wireless energy sharing, and a headphone jack (yes!) make a Galaxy a step adult from a 7T.

And given you’re substantially wondering, there are 3 S10s: a unchanging S10, a incomparable S10 Plus, and a lower-cost S10E that cuts some corners. For recommendation on that indication to buy, review a relapse of a 3 models. Personally, we cite a S10 due to the smaller size.

Works on all 4 vital US networks.

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