The Beginner’s Guide to Cutting Your Closet’s Carbon Footprint


There’s a certain turn of exultation that comes from shopping something new. I’ll be a initial to acknowledge it, though as of late, we can’t stop meditative about a flip side of that glossy new purchase, that is a environmental impact. Yes, we know that’s a many millennial matter ever, though it’s current since in 2015, a greenhouse gas emissions from weave prolongation were some-more than all general flights and nautical shipping combined. On tip of that, every second, a homogeneous of one rubbish lorry of textiles is possibly burnt or taken to a landfill. Fast conform is a vast law-breaker in this crisis, though it’s not a usually one, as even in new years, conform houses (that won’t be named) have been held blazing products rather than obscure their sell value, and laws both within a United States and globally have been scaled behind or are nonexistent around controlling a conform industry’s environmental impact. 

For many—even if we are an zealous secondhand shopper like me—the romantic weight of carrying to worry about a impact of a conform attention can mostly feel like it outweighs a fun of clothing. But I’m here to tell we it doesn’t have to be this way. While it’s going to take a critical joining from attention leaders and bureaucratic powers to fight a clothing’s environmental and governmental toll, we as consumers do have a ability to reduce a impact of a possess closet’s CO footprint. It’s only a matter of apropos a responsible consumer. 

If you’re not certain where or even how to start, that’s okay. Ahead, you’ll hear from Erin Wallace, ThredUp’s VP of integrated marketing, along with Kathleen Talbot, Reformation‘s arch sustainability officer and VP of operations, who mangle down how your shopping habits impact a environment, collection we can use to check your footprint, and small changes we can make that won’t cost you or a sourroundings anything. But first, a relapse of facts…

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