The Apple iOS and macOS partnership really, unequivocally isn’t happening


No matter how many times Apple manners out a awaiting of an iOS and macOS merger, people are still seeking a organisation when it’s going to happen.

And, given that folks are still anticipating it’ll happen, we have a shortcoming to continue stating on a latest quashing of pronounced hope.

This time word comes directly from a horse’s mouth. Apple CEO Tim Cook told a Sydney Morning Herald such a pierce would ‘water down’ a particular handling systems.

He said: “We don’t trust in arrange of watering down one for a other. Both [The Mac and iPad] are incredible. One of a reasons that both of them are implausible is since we pushed them to do what they do well. And if we start to combine a twin … we start to make trade offs and compromises.”

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The latest comments come after reports suggesting Apple was formulation to harmonize a iOS and macOS formula to capacitate program developers to emanate concept apps.

Cook’s rejection doesn’t meant that won’t occur in some form, though it positively won’t be around a partnership of a twin graphic handling systems.

He forked out that, nonetheless such a pierce could make Apple some-more fit as a company, that isn’t a firm’s focus.

Cook added: “You know it’s about giving people things that they can afterwards use to assistance them change a universe or demonstrate their passion or demonstrate their creativity. So this partnership thing that some folks are fixated on, we don’t consider that’s what users want.”

In some instances macOS users would substantially advantage from carrying entrance to iOS apps and clamp versa. The macOS App Store would presumably advantage from an liquid of apps from a iOS counterpart.

The developer village could also advantage by charity the apps to both Mac and iOS users but too most additional work.

Whether Apple is still operative on enabling twin harmony of apps stays to be seen. We’re expected to find out for certain during WWDC 2018 on Jun 8.

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