The App Store Is Still a Growth Story for Apple


iPhone and iPad users downloaded a lot of apps in 2019. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) says it paid out around $38 billion to App Store developers in 2019, suggesting consumers spent some-more than $50 billion sum on apps and subscriptions final year.

The association saw a 16% boost in App Store spending for a week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and a 20% boost in spending on New Year’s Day. 

Apple didn’t recover an refurbish on accumulative developer payout (total given 2008) until a finish of Jan final year when it reached $120 billion. But it did news an boost of 37% in App Store sales for a week from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve, though usually a 7% burst for New Year’s Day. While altogether sales expansion might be slowing, expansion in a App Store still appears to be sincerely robust.

Image source: Apple.

Growing App Store sales and locking in consumers

Apple’s iPhone sales fell 14% in 2019, descending behind to scarcely a same turn as 2017 and behind subsequent a prior rise sales in 2015. But that’s some-more of an indicator that users are holding onto their inclination longer rather than any unwell on Apple’s part. That’s exemplified by a continued expansion in App Store sales year after year.

Importantly, App Store downloads — quite paid downloads — are expected to close consumers into a Apple ecosystem. Switching to Android mostly requires users to download and compensate for apps all over again, formulating genuine switching costs for iPhone owners. As such, investors should design a flourishing commission of iPhone owners to buy a new iPhone when they’re prepared to ascent their device in a future. (Many trust that could be subsequent year with a introduction of 5G-capable devices.)

Meanwhile, Apple is means to beget substantial increase from existent business and their App Store downloads. The net income Apple generates from a App Store, i.e. all left over after essential out developers’ share of sales, produces a sum domain of around 90% for Apple. Considering a distance of a App Store, it’s producing a poignant apportionment of a bottom-line growth.

It’s tough to disagree a flourishing implement bottom spending some-more on apps each year is a bad thing for Apple.

Diversifying a services business

All that said, Apple is penetrating to prominence a many other ways it can monetize a implement bottom by a several services. This year’s highlights enclosed mentions for Apple Music, Apple TV+, a Apple TV app, Apple Arcade, Apple News, Apple Podcasts, Apple Card, Apple Pay, and iCloud, where prior years’ releases focused exclusively on a App Store.

Indeed, Apple realizes that maximizing a value of a business now relies on removing them to compensate for things during a ever-extending life-cycles of their devices.

Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade paint large bets in that regard. Apple is spending billions of dollars on calm for both services with a hopes of locking business in with a monthly subscription. Apple’s distinction margins on those services are directly tied to their success as it doesn’t merely act as a distributor for other people’s products — it most owns a products. If possibly attracts millions of users, it could have a substantial impact on Apple’s bottom line.

Investors should note, Apple Arcade could cut into App Store sales as it grows in popularity. But a altogether placement in sum sales for Apple Arcade contra a App Store ought to preference Apple. This is identical to how Apple Music cannibalized iTunes, that is particularly absent from Apple’s roundup.

The Apple TV app, Apple News, and Apple Podcasts paint new ways for Apple to beget income by owning distribution. The Apple TV app uses a indiscriminate indication to sell reward video subscriptions, that means Apple is in assign of pricing. That gives it a lot of coherence to play around with promotions and move in new income that consumers might now spend by some-more normal video placement platforms. It could also offer to close some-more consumers into a Apple ecosystem.

The inclusion of Apple Podcasts in a roundup suggests Apple might be looking into exploring new ways to monetize podcast listening in a app — something music-streaming opposition Spotify has done a large concentration of a business.

Ultimately, however, a App Store stays a expansion story for Apple. Not usually were sales adult extremely in a down year for iPhone sales, though it stays immensely profitable. App Store sales are a clever indicator of restrained direct for iPhones, that could outcome in a lapse to section sales expansion in 2020. But even if it doesn’t, a continued expansion in Apple’s implement bottom indicated by clever App Store sales gives Apple copiousness of opportunities to attain with a new services.

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