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The 7 Best Alternatives To Apple Devices | Highsnobiety

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With Apple’s seeming foothold on all the technology we use in our day-to-day lives, sometimes the enormous progress of its competitors becomes lost in that all-too-familiar user interface. But with competitors overtaking Apple in certain aspects of all its products, parting ways with the products you’ve come to depend on is not the never-ending dial-up tone sounding apocalypse you might fear it is.

Below, we’ve taken every Apple product you’ll likely have grown comfortable with — from iPhones to Apple TV sets — and offered up an alternative product, be it from Microsoft, Amazon, or Huawei. While we’re not necessarily vouching for their superiority over Apple’s offering, we are enlightening you to the tech world outside of Silicon Valley, and the many features that are unquestionably giving Apple a run for its money.

And, now that Black Friday is just around the corner, there’s no better time to start penciling a wishlist full of soon-to-be discounted tech. Keep scrolling for some Apple-free shopping inspiration.

The alt iPhone

It’s long been forecasted that Huawei would one day catch up with Apple’s phones, but not until the Mate 20 Pro did the prophecies really ring true. Huawei’s latest handset goes far beyond Android gimmicks to compete with the iPhone. For a start, its triple rear cameras are co-developed by Leica, boasting not only a 40-megapixel wide-angle lens but a 20-megapixel ultrawide angle one too — that’s some serious, pro-level photography capabilities.

Pair that with the fact that it can reverse wirelessly charge other people’s flagging devices and separate its user interface into two completely separate phones accessible by different fingerprints, and it seems Android has a true contender in its midst. 

The alt iPad

Similar both in size and price to Apple’s popular tablet, the Microsoft Go is far more easily worked on thanks to its keyboard and mouse functionality and ability to run the same software as your larger laptop or desktop PC. Coming with Windows 10, PC functionality on a vessel as lightweight and easily transported as this is special. Best of all, there’s an actual headphone jack. Remember those?

The alt Apple Watch

Skagen’s Falster 2 smartwatch is a slicker, more stylish alternative to the Apple Watch, and its tech is also pretty impressive. It boasts a swimproof touchscreen and a whole host of smart features powered by Wear OS by Google, including heart-rate tracking for those who keep tabs on their fitness pursuits, as well as Google assistant, smartphone notifications, Google Pay, and GPS.

Serving a more utilitarian aesthetic, Huawei’s Watch 2 is sports-tailored, giving real-time guidance on workout data and scientifically tracking your sleep patterns via its TruSleep technology. What’s more, each is available for approximately half the cost of Apple’s offering.

The alt Apple TV

A more compact alternative to Apple’s set-top box, the Amazon Fire stick comes at a fraction of the cost for those shopping on a budget. The Apple TV interface may appear sleeker, and its storage further reaching, but when it comes to secondary screens it’s an extremely capable accessory for all your entertainment needs. And, with Amazon Prime, you can be guaranteed delivery long before the holiday season commences.

The alt AirPods

EarPods might look cool, but they aren’t Apple’s most universally loved technical accomplishment. Coming with the brand’s notoriously questionable audio quality, an unflappable opponent comes from this more premium offering of Bang Olufsen. The Danish electronics label is known for its beautifully designed, high-end audio equipment, and its in-ear E8 wireless earphones boast seamless controls and a far superior customizable sound.

The alt AirPower

While Apple’s long-awaited AirPower wireless charger is still pending, our pick of the current chord-free charging tech comes from a relatively new brand. Courant’s cutting-edge wireless technology keeps design front of mind by using premium, pebble-grain Italian leather and acting as a stylish desk tidy for your keys, wallet, and other accessories.

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