The 2000s Bikini Trend No One Is Wearing Anymore


I adore it when a story thought unexpected comes to while I’m operative on another article. This time around, we was finishing my story about Blue Crush bikini trends that are still applicable in 2020—yes, that’s unequivocally partial of my job—and we wanted to embody swimsuits identical to Kate Bosworth’s boyshorts in a movie. That’s when we detected that there was hardly one span to be found on all of my favorite retailers, signaling that boyshort bikinis have truly depressed off a radar. (That said, the silhouette is still applicable for underwear.) 

Because we wouldn’t leave we unresolved but detailed evidence, we culled some other famous luminary boyshorts from the early 2000s. Eva Mendes wore them in a movie. Naomi Campbell wore them on a runway. And, of course, Bosworth (pretended to) roller in them for Blue Crush. Nowadays, a less-popular character has been transposed by more current float trends, including high-waisted suits. Scroll down to revisit boyshort swimsuits and afterwards emporium my 3 favorite stream bikini trends.

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