Home Business Texans speedy to news sightings of hulk apple snails

Texans speedy to news sightings of hulk apple snails


SAN ANTONIO – Giant apple snails are an invasive class to Texas and officials with Texas Parks and Wildlife are now seeking anyone who sees one of these snails, or their pinkish egg clusters, to news it.

Dozens of invasive class in Texas are melancholy a state’s local animals

The snails have been found in countless bodies of water, generally in a Houston area, and have also been found formerly in a San Antonio River as recently as January.

Apple snails are local to South America, can grow adult to 6 inches and out-compete a snails that are local to Texas, according to a prior KSAT report.

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The snails, that wreak massacre on nautical vegetation, also “carry a rodent lungworm bug that can taint humans, causing a form of meningitis,” according to a Facebook post from Texas Parks and Wildlife. The bug has nonetheless to be found in Texas.

If anyone sees an apple snail or their pinkish egg clusters, TPWD officials are seeking that we greatfully take a print and send it to [email protected]

“These snails are one of many class that might have been widespread as a outcome of flooding compared with Hurricane Harvey in late summer of 2017,” according to TexasInvasives.org.

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See video of what was found during a River Walk removal in Jan below:

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