Ten times Sir Elton John demonstrated luminary style


Iconic is a word distant too mostly overused, in a opinion. But, in propinquity to one Sir Elton John, well, it hardly does him justice. Having shabby a likes Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles and Lady Gaga both musically and sartorially, Reginald Kenneth Dwight has one of a most-talked-about wardrobes in vital memory. 

His outrageous, gender-bending signature character consisted of (and still spasmodic does include of) layers of lamé, leather, sequins, lead tracksuits, height boots and chest hair aplenty. It has, arguably, never been outdone, both on theatre and off. While it was eventually his voice that got him where he is today, his outfits have really played their part: flamboyant, fun and daring, John’s “go large or go home” character altered a game.

Dressed by a likes of Bob Mackie (the man behind some of Cher’s best looks and John’s possess Donald Duck outfit, as good as a “Amadeus” dress during a 1986 debate of Australia), Alessandro Michele (the artistic executive during Gucci) and Yohji Yamamoto, John’s character change is as clever currently as it was behind in a early 1970s. Just demeanour during Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, that drew impulse directly from a stone legend’s archives, or Harry Styles’ lauded Halloween dress (a sequinned ball onesie), that was a approach loyalty to one of John’s some-more vast looks. 

Without serve ado, next we’ve comparison a series of John’s best looks from over a years.

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