Ten Things to Do in London with A Newborn


When we initial had Oscar it didn’t seem like there were many activities for babies underneath 6 months – though as we was penetrating to still get out and about, we managed to find a satisfactory few. These activities are a good event to accommodate internal mums who have babies a same age and hopefully they’ll all grow adult as friends! With a baby we found some activities are some-more for silent though are baby-friendly since some are some-more orientated around a baby him or herself – we try to do a reduction of both.

1. Monkey Music

Oscar and we go to Monkey Music each week and it’s one of a favourite things to do! Led by a smashing and eager teacher, we sing and rebound and suffer feeling play to familiar music. Monkey Music is a shining authorization with classes all over a UK – Oscar and we do a a Rock ‘n’ Roll category for 3 months and though there are classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers adult to 4 years old.
This is a face all baby’s lift during Monkey Music! There’s unequivocally a enchanting peculiarity to it!

2. Baby and Me Work Out Classes 

The ideal resolution for a time-poor mum! we desired doing aptness classes where we could pierce Oscar along and he could nap or play while we worked out – some mums even wore their baby in a rope during a work out. Frame has 7 locations in London and run all sorts of classes for opposite interests and levels of fitness. The ‘Mumhood’ classes offer both pre-natal and post-natal classes in varying aptness levels during a time that suits baby’s schedule. Oscar and we went to a Victoria Frame studio that is tighten to where we live and we went to Mumhood Postnatal Fitness Phase 2. we approaching a unequivocally cold examination and suspicion we substantially wouldn’t mangle a persperate … though how wrong we was

3. Baby Massage 

Baby massage is a good thing to do for your unequivocally small ones! We did a 5 week giveaway march starting when Oscar was only 6 weeks aged during a internal family village centre. It was a good event for silent and baby fastening and to accommodate other internal mums! We now do a small massage each night before bed.

4. Baby Cinema

I desired going to baby cinema when Oscar was initial innate – fundamentally a judgment is a film display for silent though with a sound reduce (for baby’s ears) and subtitles so that she can suffer a film even if baby is crying. Oscar would lay on my path happily feeding or sleeping while we could suffer a display of a new recover film with my silent friends. Our favourite was ‘Electric Scream’ during a Electric Cinema in Notting Hill (owned by Soho House) that takes place each Monday during 11am. There is also now an weekly Electric Scream event during a White City Electric Cinema and there are other baby cinema screenings during Selfridges, The Barbican and The Everyman Cinemas.

5. Hartbeeps 

Hartbeeps is a peaceful category that takes baby on an journey by song and rhyme. Little ones like Oscar can attend a ‘Baby Bells’ event that includes relaxing music, meditation, yoga and massage for baby. There’s sauce up, puppet characters and feeling activities with opposite props and fabrics. we had suspicion it competence be too identical to Monkey Music though Hartbeeps is some-more relaxing and pondering since Monkey Music is pierce sharp-witted – Oscar and we adore both!

6. Bub Quiz 

Kind of like a pub ask … though this one is during 10.30am with no potion of wine… though there are biscuits, prizes and lots of fun questions… fundamentally it’s a possibility for silent to go along accommodate other mums and exam either baby mind has got a improved of her! I’ve been to a Bub Quiz in Pimlico with my internal silent friends and we enjoyed it so most we sealed adult to a subsequent one. There are also Bub Quizes in Covent Garden and Morden.

7. Afternoon Tea

Ok, so Oscar isn’t utterly during a cake eating and tea celebration theatre of life though we adore holding him along to afternoon tea with me and spending time with a friends. There’s lots of good afternoon teas in London with themes for children and we recently enjoyed a Teddy’s Tea Time during a Montcalm Hotel. (PR Invite)

8. Park Life

The advantages of carrying a summer baby! When Oscar was initial innate walks in a park were are favourite and now we adore assembly adult with a internal mums and streamer to Battersea Park or St James’ for some uninformed atmosphere and exercise.

9. Aquarium

For Oscar’s 6 month birthday we took him to a SEA LIFE London Aquarium as a small treat. Seeing a fish, a colours and lights was a ideal feeling knowledge for a small baby and he looked during all in awe. The Aquarium is even improved than we remembered and there’s a Rainforest adventure, Polar Adventure and Coral Kingdom. 

10. Farm Visits!

It’s not easy for a baby to knowledge a plantation animals when vital in Central London though a resolution is Vauxhall City Farm! There are horses, pigs, bunnies and sheep and a group can arrange guided visits, work shops and parties. There’s also a cafeteria to stop for coffee and cake.


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