Target worker held on notice video nabbing Apple Watch – Villages


A 26-year-old worker during Target in The Villages was released a reference Tuesday after being indicted of hidden an Apple watch.

A detriment impediment associate during a store, located during 716 N U.S. Hwy. 27/441, told a Lady Lake Police officer that while conducting an register on Sept. 13, she dynamic that 4 Apple watches were missing. She pronounced she reviewed video from a notice camera and saw a employee, who lives in Center Hill, enter a stockroom shortly before 8 p.m. and name an Apple 4 Series watch valued during $499.99. A few mins after a worker was seen entering a dilemma of a stockroom with an dull watch box and lapse but it. She was celebrated fixation a watch on her wrist and afterwards exiting a stockroom, a news says.

The detriment impediment associate spoke with a worker on Tuesday and remarkable that she was wearing a watch. The worker certified to hidden a band, valued during $39.99, that was trustworthy to a watch. The sum value of a burglary was $538.99, a news says.

The detriment impediment associate finished a sworn confirmation with vigilant to prosecute. She had already retrieved a watch and rope before to a officer’s attainment and supposing a receipt display a value of a items.

The worker was released a misconduct citation. But a detriment impediment associate declined to tamper her from a store, a news says.

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