Surface Duo struggles with dual-screen apps in live demo − though afterwards wows


Microsoft attempted to uncover off a Surface Duo’s dual-screen apps functionality for a initial time progressing this week, though a live proof didn’t utterly go to plan.

Kevin Gallo, a conduct of a Windows Developer Platform, was a detrimental chairman tasked with wowing an assembly of developers during a Microsoft 365 Developer Day, and his proof was scuppered when a app drawer (which he’d launched on a right screen) on his demo section stopped responding (Zac Bowden around The Verge).

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The annoying app drawer did eventually close, though a bug remained, preventing Gallo from display what Google Maps would demeanour like in dual-screen mode. But no fear − he had a backup Surface Duo in his pocket.

The backup section did concede Gallo − who somehow stays cool, ease and unflustered around − to uncover off Google Maps, and there followed an considerable shred in that he zoomed in and out of map perspective with his ride on one shade and his finger on a other.

Unfortunately, a right-hand shade afterwards froze again, ruining a second dual-screen demo.

After a event, Microsoft transposed a botched demo with a video that shows a most smoother, distant some-more considerable proof of a Surface Duo’s dual-screen functionality.

After a Google Maps segment, Gallo shows how a video app could work in dual-screen mode. Initially, a app runs on a right-hand shade only, with a video personification on it.

Gallo afterwards expands a app to run on both screens during a same time, though instead of simply display a video on both displays, a Surface Duo keeps personification a video on a left-hand screen, and displays a app’s suggested videos list on a right-hand screen.

“That approach we can multi-task,” Gallo says. “I can watch a video, learn, and during a same time confirm what we wish to go and do next. This is permitting me to do dual things during once, utilising a space.”

You can watch a dual opposite demos in a corresponding video comparison next (original on a left):

The Surface Duo is, of course, a prolonged approach from release, so Microsoft has copiousness of time to iron out any kinks. Earlier this week, however, a keenly expected device was speckled in use on a packaged commuter train.

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