Sunday Reading: The Crisis in Public Health Care


The lethal widespread of COVID-19 in a past few weeks has highlighted terrible gaps in a inhabitant public-health infrastructure. Many lower- and middle-income families have been struggling with medium or deficient health skeleton for years, and towns and cities have been left disorder from bill cuts during hospitals and health clinics. This week, we’re bringing we a preference of pieces about a ubiquitous difficulty in open health caring in America. In “What a Coronavirus Is Doing to Rural Georgia,” Charles Bethea describes how a pestilence is straining a region’s already small public-health infrastructure. In “The Jail Health-Care Crisis,” Steve Coll reports on a difficulty of those with ongoing health conditions in a nation’s jails and prisons. In “Why Americans Are Dying from Despair,” Atul Gawande explores how a arise in mercantile inequality has helped emanate a public-health disaster and caused life outlook in a U.S. to fall. In “America’s Century of Delayed Health-Care Reform,” Jill Lepore examines doubt toward concept health caring and chronicles a problems of enacting reform. Finally, in “Sick City,” Steven Shapin writes about an English doctor’s find during a serious cholera conflict in a nineteenth century and a change on complicated medical theories about how diseases spread. We wish that we find these pieces as educational as we do.

—David Remnick

A lorry drives along an dull road.
Photograph by Audra Melton / NYT / Redux

The pestilence hits a segment that was already struggling to residence a medical needs.

Black and white picture of building.
Photograph by Jamey Stillings for The New Yorker

The opioid widespread and other public-health emergencies are being aggravated by failings in a criminal-justice system.

The bias of a economy, dual economists argue, can be totalled not usually in dollars though in deaths.

The some-more time passes, a some-more it looks as if carrying no genuine health-care devise were a American way.

The medicine John Snow
Photograph from Alamy

Maps and mankind in a time of cholera.

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