States reopening: 4 maps that uncover when, where, and how COVID-19 lockdowns will end


As of Monday, a coronavirus has putrescent some-more than 1.1 million people in a United States, and some-more than 67,000 have mislaid their lives to a pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins University. Daily new box depends are disappearing in some states, though others have seen new spikes, all of that creates a routine of reopening that most trickier. Public health officials have warned that easing restrictions and social-distancing practices too shortly could hint serve outbreaks and means some-more deaths.

Many states have already begun a routine with a prejudiced reopening, while others are formulation to start their phased-in approaches this week. If you’re looking to lane states’ progress, a series of real-time maps and resources assistance we do that. I’ve dull adult a few options below:

  • The New York Times: This color-coded map is updated frequently and includes information on that states have partially reopened and that ones devise to do so soon. Find it here.
  • NBC News: This opening has a good map and full list of any state’s stream lockdown order, along with links to a strange sources. Find it here.
  • Governing: This magazine, that covers state and internal supervision policy, has been doing a good pursuit of tracking a phased-in plans. Find it here.
  • U.S. News: This opening has an interactive map that we can float over to see endless sum about any state’s stream policy. Find it here.
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