Star Wars Canon Timeline: An systematic beam to a films, TV shows and games


It’s May 4, you’ve got a Disney Plus subscription, some gangling time, and you’re in a mood for Star Wars. But where do we start, what’s canon, what’s not, and that sequence should we be examination (or playing) a mainline films, TV shows and games?

Unlike an unhelpful custom droid, we’re indeed here to help. This beam focuses on a sequence determined after a Disney/Lucasfilm purchase. We’re not going to embody a novels, comics, web series, micro-animated series, iOS or browser games possibly as we’ll be here forever.

Still with us? Here’s a beam to a Star Wars criterion for films, TV shows and games.

What’s Star Wars Canon?

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Old Republic is set several thousands of years before a categorical timeline of a films and was suspicion not to be partial of a canon. But, aspects of a science – such as The Mandalorian War – has featured in episodes of Rebels and The Mandalorian.

The Phantom Menace

Technically, a authorized Star Wars star is pronounced to start with The High Republic. With that still nonetheless to be detailed, a entrance indicate for all things Star Wars stays The Phantom Menace for now.

Attack of a Clones

The Clone Wars (film)

It’s believed that The Clone Wars film occurs a few episodes into a timeline of a The Clone Wars charcterised series, yet as distant as we can tell, it hasn’t been categorically settled when.

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The Clone Wars (s1-7)

This Clone Wars array is not to be confused with a Genndy Tartakovsky animation, that is not deliberate to be criterion (but watch it anyway, it’s great). It charts a duration between Attack of a Clones to when Anakin betrays a Jedi sequence and Order 66 authority is executed by a Emperor in Revenge of a Sith.

Revenge of a Sith

Jedi: Fallen Order

Jedi: Fallen Order is a third-person video diversion that’s set during a prequel timeline, and follows a Jedi padawan wanted by a Empire after Order 66.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars: Rebels (s1-4)

Rebels is an charcterised array that covers a camber between Revenge of a Sith and A New Hope. Rebels sees a Empire securing a reason on a universe and sport a final remaining Jedi, while also detailing a rising story of a Rebel Alliance.

Just to endorse a place in a canon, Saw Gerrera from Rogue One facilities in Rebels, and is uttered by Forest Whitaker too. Other actors from a array that move their voices along embody Ian McDiarmid’s Emperor, and Genevieve O’Reilly’s Mon Mothma.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars: A New Hope


The 2015 reboot of a Battlefront array is deliberate to be canon, as it accurately follows a events of a series. It’s both a first/third-person shooter that’s essentially multiplayer-based.

As it is not a supplement to a strange Battlefront series, it means that a Battlefront and Battlefront II video games done by Pandemic in a early 2000s are regarded as non-canonical, as are all a video games done before to Nov 2015.

The Empire Strikes Back

Return of a Jedi

Battlefront II

The story of a Star Wars: Battlefront 2 video diversion starts around a Return of a Jedi though is especially set around The Force Awakens and includes DLC that goes over a Battle of Jakku, describing how a Empire eventually mislaid a war.

The Mandalorian

Set 5 years after Return of a Jedi, though before The First Order comes to power. It’s especially about a annuity hunter, a suggested Mandalorian, who takes on a annuity and shortly finds himself a hunted.

Force recovering initial creates a coming forward of Rise of Skywalker, and tools of a Old Republic science also feature.

Star Wars: Resistance

Resistance is an charcterised array with a initial array set in a years before The Force Awakens. It’s a story of a immature Resistance commander who is tasked with a goal of questioning a flourishing participation of The First Order.

The Force Awakens

Star Wars: Resistance s2

The second deteriorate of Resistance picks adult after a finish of a events of a season, regulating parallel with The Last Jedi and heading adult to what happens in Rise of Skywalker.

The Last Jedi

Rise of Skywalker

Rise of Skywalker ties a film array as partial of a nine-part Skywalker Saga. Some have found it to be a acceptable end, while others have been some-more churned to a decisions a film takes.

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