Spotify Honors Nujabes With Shibuya Crossing Video Tribute & Curated Playlists


On a dusk of Feb 26, 2020, Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing illuminated adult with a video dedicated to Nujabes (real name Jun Sega), who tragically upheld divided on a day 10 years prior. Put together by Spotify, a three-minute video titled, “Pray for Nujabes,” was showcased 10 times on 6 large screens during a iconic intersection, with a spiritually-aligned beats of Seba echoing via a streets.

Alongside a streetside display, Spotify also enlisted editor, DJ, and writer Toru Hashimoto to curate dual playlists in respect of a late legend. The initial of a playlists, patrician “Pray for Nujabes,” facilities 30 marks from a iconic producer, with Hashimoto pity “You’re a flower, You’re a river, You’re a rainbow — Rest In Peace.” The second playlist, patrician “This is Nujabes,” taps into marks from Metaphorical Music, Modal Soul, Spiritual State, Luv(sic) Hexalogy, a Samurai Champloo OST, and more.

You can perspective Spotify’s video reverence above and check out a playlists below.

In other song news, don’t skip this week’s best new tracks.



Play for Nujabes #nujabes #shibuyacrossing

A post common by Hitomi (@ha_oto) on Feb 28, 2020 during 6:02am PST



R.I.P nujabes 会えなくなって10年。 長いようだけど、今でもいろんな事を思い出します。 一緒に笑ったり、困ったり、怒ったり、感動したり。仕事の事だったり、価値観だったり、音楽だったり、映画だったり、色々教えてもらったなー。うどんや焼き鳥、焼き肉にもんじゃ、ご飯も一杯食べに連れってもらいました。 早朝の公園通りのデニーズでの出来事や、わさび事件、トイレ事件、強烈な出来事もいっぱいあったけど、ほんと色々楽しかった。 改めてありがとうございます。 改めてさようなら。 #nujabes #hydeoutproductions

A post common by Takumi Koizumi (@takumi_rockwell) on Feb 26, 2020 during 4:02am PST

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