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Spectrum Is Offering An Apple TV 4K to New Cord Cutters For $7.50 a Month For 24 Months

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Want a new Apple TV though don’t have $180 to buy one? Right now, if we are a Spectrum TV streaming customer, we can get an Apple TV 4K for only $7.50 for 24 months. Once we have paid a Apple TV off over 24 months we possess it.

To get this unequivocally good deal, we have to allow to one of Spectrum’s TV streaming services. You can also get this understanding if we are a normal Spectrum wire TV customer. Essentially with this understanding we will be financing an Apple TV 4K with no additional fees and when it is finished we will compensate only $180 for for a Apple TV 4K.

“With Spectrum TV on Apple TV 4K, business can now suffer a ultimate party knowledge opposite their iPhone, iPad and Apple TV,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s clamp boss of product marketing. “We wish to assistance business get right to examination their favorite channels, shows, cinema and sports, and with innovative facilities like 0 sign-on, a Apple TV app and Siri, they are means to burst right in.”

Have we attempted Spectrum’s Apple TV 4K offer? Leave us a criticism and let us know what we consider of Spectrum’s $7.50 devise for an Apple TV. Have we found any dark fees or other catches? Let us know. To get this understanding we will need to hit Spectrum’s patron service.

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