South Korea: Kim did not have medicine amid slow rumors


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean personality Kim Jong Un did not bear medicine or any other medical procedure, a South Korean central pronounced Sunday, amid conjecture about his health that continues to dawdle even after he reappeared publicly in new days.

North Korea had pronounced Saturday that Kim attended a execution of a manure bureau nearby Pyongyang on Friday, in his initial open coming in about 20 days.

While North Korean video display a smiling Kim relocating around, slicing a red badge and smoking quelled heated rumors that he competence be sincerely ill or even have died, some media outlets and observers still lifted questions about his health, citing moments when his walking looked a bit unbending during a factory.

A comparison South Korean presidential central told reporters Sunday that a supervision had dynamic that Kim did not have medicine or any other procedure, according to a presidential Blue House. The official, whose name wasn’t disclosed by a Blue House, refused to yield a basement for a comprehension assessment.

South Korea has a uneven record in confirming developments in North Korea, one of a world’s many sly countries. But when rumors about Kim’s health flush in new weeks, a South Korean supervision resolutely discharged them as groundless and confirmed there were no surprising activities in a North.

It wasn’t a initial time Kim had left from open perspective for an extended period. In 2014, when he reappeared after a six-week absence, he walked with a shaft and used an electric cart. The North Korea-provided footage on Saturday showed Kim roving an electric transport identical to a one he used in 2014, when he was reported to have an ankle injury.

Kim, 36, is a third era of his family to oversee North Korea with an iron fist that tolerates no dissent. He hasn’t publicly anointed his successor, and rumors about his health triggered worries about a North’s domestic fortitude and a chief program.

In 2018, Kim entered talks with President Donald Trump on a predestine of his chief arsenal, though their tact has been unresolved in new months. Trump tweeted Saturday that “I, for one, am blissful to see he is back, and well!”

North Korea hasn’t explained Kim’s absence, including because he missed a Apr 15 decoration of a birthday anniversary of his late grandfather and North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung. It’s a North’s many critical state anniversary, and Kim hadn’t skipped a eventuality given holding energy in late 2011 on his father Kim Jong Il’s death.

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