Some Replacement AirPods Being Sent out by Apple Have Unusable Firmware


If you’re carrying problems with one of your AirPods, we competence wish to reason off on seeking Apple to send we a replacement.

In a rather surprising set of circumstances, it seems that business who are removing particular AirPod replacements sent to them by Apple are finding that they’re entrance with an unreleased firmware version, digest them unusable.

As reported by MacRumors, a series of business have indicated that deputy AirPods they’ve perceived from Apple have been using a chronicle 2D3 of a AirPods firmware, that has not been publicly released.

In fact, a latest chronicle of a firmware on both a second-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro right now is 2C54, that was expelled for both models in mid-December, nonetheless Apple after pulled a release, that competence have left some users during a before 2B588 chronicle for a AirPods Pro, or 2A364 for a second-generation AirPods.

The problem is that for AirPods to span adult with any other, they both have to be using a same firmware version, for sincerely apparent reasons.

Since users generally get a singular AirPod deputy sent to them by Apple, a fact that these are using an unreleased firmware creates them totally unusable, given a AirPod they already have can’t be updated to a firmware that’s not strictly accessible from Apple.

The problem appears to be rather widespread, with users stating it in a MacRumors forums, on Reddit, and elsewhere, and attempts to solve a matter with Apple Support have so distant been unsuccessful. It also substantially hasn’t helped that many Apple Support reps are now operative from home in a midst of a ongoing tellurian health crisis.

No Workaround

Apple Support advisors have arguable to some business that there’s no workaround for a firmware mismatch other than to refurbish a other AirPod to a same 2D3 firmware, that isn’t probable right now. Advisors have so distant pronounced that they have small support that a 2D3 firmware even exists, nonetheless one speculated that it competence have been a outcome of a firmware being scheduled for recover — and therefore being combined to prolongation AirPods — but afterwards being pulled due to a bug.

Some users have perceived additional replacements in an bid to repair a problem, given that seems to be all that Apple advisors are means to do right now, however they’ve also remarkable that they have no approach of checking that firmware is using on an AirPod before shipping it out, and in many cases a influenced users have simply perceived some-more AirPods with a same obsolete 2D3 firmware.

In fact, in some cases Apple has attempted to send out replacements for a other AirPod, in hopes that they’ll match, though as one user common on MacRumors, they’ve perceived 4 replacements for their right AirPod and have nonetheless to get a chronicle that indeed does have 2D3 on it, even when Apple has sent them both left and right AirPods in a same package.

I’m on my 4th deputy on a right Airpod now and still haven’t been means to get one with 2D3 on it. They have sent me both Left and Rights during a same time. All my lefts have been 2D3 and my rights have been all over a place.

Another user on Reddit claims they’ve spent 10 hours perplexing to navigate by Apple’s support staff over a march of a week, and while a “2D3 AirPod problem” seems rather widespread, there’s not nonetheless any arguable resolution in sight, during slightest until Apple decides to recover a new firmware. However, with so many Apple engineers operative from home right now, it’s tough to contend when this competence indeed happen.

It also doesn’t assistance that AirPods firmware is something of a black box. Users have no control over how and when firmware updates are practical to their AirPods, that is finished automatically by a iPhone around an ambiguous credentials process. Naturally, this also means that there’s no famous approach to indeed hillside AirPods firmware either, that has combined some discomfit from users who found that after updates crippled a ANC underline on a AirPods Pro.

As MacRumors notes, this emanate does seem to be essentially impacting users of a second-generation AirPods, nonetheless it’s misleading if that’s simply since there are some-more customary AirPods that are wanting replacements right now. A few AirPods Pro users have also been affected, so a higher-end models unequivocally aren’t defence to a issue, and of march like many issues of this nature, we unequivocally don’t have any approach of meaningful how many users have perceived deputy AirPods with no problems during all.

Obviously if we have an AirPod that’s left totally dead, you’ve got zero to remove by rolling a bones and grouping a replacement, however if your AirPods are still during slightest semi-functional and we can live with whatever problem you’re having, it competence be value watchful to ask a deputy until Apple possibly releases a 2D3 firmware or sorts out because so many deputy units seem to have a newer firmware commissioned in a initial place.

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