Siri can now respond to questions about COVID-19 symptoms on Apple devices


Coronavirus: What it is and how it impacts you

Carolina Sanchez breaks down what we need to know about this health affliction.

Siri, a practical personal partner use accessible on Apple devices, can now respond to questions from users about COVID-19-related symptoms and either medical superintendence should be sought.

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Users can ask Siri questions associated to a novel coronavirus, such as “Do we have coronavirus” or “Do we have COVID-19 symptoms?” to start a specialized service.

Examples of responses users might accept from Siri per a novel coronavirus. (Apple/CDC)

At that point, users can verbally answer approbation or no questions to establish if medical treatment, contrast or other stairs are recommended. For example, if we are experiencing a dry cough that is life threatening, Siri might suggest that we call 911. 

If we aren’t experiencing symptoms and are uncertain of either you’ve been in hit with someone putrescent with COVID-19, a use might remind we to keep clever guard of your symptoms.

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In further to a symptomatic questions, Siri also reminds users to rinse their hands and keep a protected stretch divided from other individuals. “Remember: People who don’t feel ill can still be contagious.”

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