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Simone Biles and SK-II Join Forces to Take a Competition Out of Beauty

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When it comes to veteran sports, foe is an essential partial of a game. Without competition, Simone Biles wouldn’t be one of a best gymnasts ever, with 5 Olympic bullion medals underneath her belt. But when a marker settles, a lights dim, and she’s off a floor, a final thing Biles wants to contest opposite are impractical beauty standards perpetuated by a media and beauty industry—a foe that’s tough to shun when you’re always in a spotlight. Refusing to be tangible by society’s thought of what “beautiful” looks like, Biles and a slew of other athletes are banding together with Japanese beauty code SK-II to mangle a industry’s rival hazard with a new campaign: #NOCOMPETITION.

For Biles, beauty means anticipating strength in being your loyal self. “I feel a many pleasing when I’m in my tender healthy state—like out of a showering with no makeup, chilling with my friends—because that is what we demeanour like on a daily basis,” Biles tells ELLE.com. “I’m gentle like that, afterwards maybe I’ll supplement makeup to raise those facilities rather than censor a things we don’t like about myself.”

Biles has seen her satisfactory share of criticism. Back in 2017, she posted an picture of herself on Twitter. She was during use before her large entrance as an titular cheerleader for a Houston Texans, and her hair was a small disorderly from practice—we’ve all been there. But a twitter was flooded with disastrous reactions, as good as a few responses from fans fortifying her.

“I’ve gifted [criticism] as a gymnast my whole life. People consider gymnastics is only about competing, though we’re constantly being picked apart,” she explains. “[The public] is always commenting on what we demeanour like, the weight, the hair. Then, there are opinions on how large the shoulders are. Without those large shoulders, we won’t be means to do what we do, or be as powerful.”

Joining Biles and SK-II are Chinese Olympic medalist Liu Xiang, Japanese list tennis actor and two-time Olympic medalist Ishikawa Kasumi, badminton twin Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo, pro surfer Mahina Maeda, and Japanese volleyball group Hinotori Nippon.




“Competition in beauty has always been present. But it is unfit to omit how diseased it has turn these days, fueled by culture, media, multitude and beauty brands like ours,” Sandeep Seth, arch executive officer of SK-II, pronounced in a statement. “We all have partial to play. As a beauty brand, the purpose is to assistance build certainty and widespread positivity and not emanate vigour and toxicity.”