Silent Hill comes to Dead by Daylight in new downloadable calm subsequent month


Behaviour Interactive have announced a gold of new Silent Hill-themed downloadable calm entrance to Dead by Daylight subsequent month.

Konami competence not be in any rush to bearing Silent Hill behind into a limelight, though that hasn’t stopped this asymmetrical fear knowledge from delivering a subsequent best thing.

The prominence of this arriving downloadable calm package is positively Pyramid Head, a iconic knave initial introduced in a dictatorial Silent Hill 2, and subsequently busted in a terrible film adaptations. Yep, we sadly remember those.

Now – he will hunt we and your friends down as we desperately try and shun a new map desirous by Silent Hill’s Midwich Elementary School. Here’s anticipating for parsimonious corridors and a miss of places to censor as we finish objectives and try to find a exist.

He’ll be famous as “The Executioner” in a diversion itself, though a imagery throws divided any doubt of this being anyone other than Pyramid Head. Cheryl Mason is also being combined as a playable character, who players will recognize from Silent Hill 3.

Pyramid Head isn’t a initial fear idol to be fasten a expel of Dead By Daylight. He’ll be fasten a likes of Michael Meyers, Freddy Krueger and Leatherface as playable villains. Here’s anticipating a washing list of dear murderers continues to grow with destiny updates, too.

Earning 3,5/5 in a strange review, Dead By Daylight has grown increasingly renouned in a years given and now occupies a series of vital platforms. It’s a stupendously beguiling fear experience, generally with a few tighten friends by your side.

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