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Several Giles County residents news fraud calls surrounding Apple, iCloud information


GILES COUNTY, Va. – Multiple Giles County residents have reported receiving questionable phone calls seeking for personal Apple ID and iCloud information.

Apple will never call seeking for your iCloud comment information, a Giles County Sheriff’s Office advised.

If we give out your iCloud password, it could lead to scammers being means to entrance your banking information or other personal information on your phone.

The Sheriff’s Office recommends ignoring a phone call. They contend if we do collect adult a phone, to hang adult immediately.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides a list of ways to commend a phone scam. They advise users to remember “there is no prize, we won’t be arrested, we don’t need to endorse now, there’s never a good reason to send income or compensate with a present label and supervision agencies aren’t job to endorse your supportive information.”

A full list of common phone scams can be found on their website, including what to do if you’ve already paid a scammer.

Apple also has some tips to assistance users strengthen their accounts from intensity scammers. They suggest to strengthen your Apple ID, equivocate scams when regulating Apple Pay to send money, to not call artificial support numbers in pop-up alerts, to determine a caller’s temperament and never open attachments in questionable messages.

If we trust you’ve perceived a questionable message, greatfully news a phishing try and brazen a email to Apple.

Apple has a specific custom for stating questionable messages:

  • If we accept what we trust to be a phishing email that’s designed to demeanour like it’s from Apple, send it to [email protected]
  • To news spam or other questionable emails that we accept in your iCloud.com, me.com, or mac.com Inbox, send them to [email protected]
  • To news spam or other questionable messages that we accept by iMessage, daub Report Junk underneath a message.

You can find some-more information here.

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