Sephora Just Blessed Us With a Surprise Sale—Don’t Miss Out On these 22 Items


It’s official: Sephora has entered a Memorial Day sale-a-thon, and a prolonged weekend only got that most brighter. You already know we adore a beauty sale some-more than only about anything, though that doesn’t meant we can be convinced with minimal discounts or a small-time selection. Lucky for us, Sephora brought its A-game, charity adult to 50% off hundreds of enviable beauty buys from now until May 25.

We take a purpose of veteran sale shoppers really seriously, so we’ve, of course, finished a complicated lifting for we to brand a best deals you’d be bummed to skip out on. We’re articulate lightweight foundations, beautiful fragrances, and all a hair and skincare essentials to assistance us look a best for a subsequent collection of video meetings.

Ahead, find 22 picks we know you’ll love. Happy shopping!


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